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@HikaruKitsune There's quite a few games on the collection I haven't played, and that's one of them. I actually didn't own a lot of games. A lot I rented, and even then I didn't play some games due to being rather picky back in the day. I think I spend more time playing Sonic 1-3 & Streets of Rage 1-3, over and over, when I should have tried a little of each. Right now I'm looking forward to that game, as well as other games I never played, such as Beyond Oasis, Land Stalker, Light Crusader, Phantasy Star, Ristar, Shining Force (to name but a few). If I had to name all the ones I didn't play that list would be long indeed, which is why I'm rather excited for this compilation.

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@BlueOcean regarding the point about how NES games have aged compared to SNES and Mega Drive/Genesis, I think that has a lot to do with the time period, in addition to some of the technical limitations. What I mean is, if we use the Famicom's release date, games were developed from 1983 into the mid 1990s. There was a lot of experimentation then in a lot of ways before they figured out what worked best. Certainly, early NES games are very different from later games. I find that a lot of NES games that I think have "aged" well are from the late 80s into the 90s. They have a bit more technical polish, but also have design ideas that were more common in 16-bit games in the early 90s. I think the PC Engine is a good example as it launched in Japan in 1987. Its early games are limited and have much in common with early NES games, but its later games are far more advanced and compete well against the SNES and MD/Gen both in terms of technical aspects and accessibility.



@sdelfin I agree, late NES games show a more advanced game design and better visuals and sound. The first game that I played was Super Mario World on SNES and if I play it today I realise that visuals, sound and controls hold up to this day to the point that physics and controls are better than any New Super Mario Bros. game and visuals and sound are more pleasing than the plastic 3D visuals and tacky sound design of the New series. Similarly, Sonic 3 & Knuckles on Mega Drive still is the best 2D Sonic game while Sonic Mania is good in terms of copying the original games. The 16-bit era was the pinnacle of the late 8-bit era, probably.



Anyone else regretting their purchase due to the controls lag? My memorized timing for Ristar can go right out the window. Why can’t they get a button press to register like any other game if they’re charging for the game?



@PolarExperience I think for some, if you haven’t played the original console versions in awhile you forget what a button press should feel like. My brother didn’t have any problem with the lag in Ristar when he tried it. I had to turn on my Genesis to show him my problem with it. But Sonic 2 is really noticeable and I don’t know how all the reviews I read (from supposedly retro console enthusiasts) didn’t mention at least that game feeling less than snappy. I came across a Jim sterling video later on and he seems to understand the issues, but I had already bought the game

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@NinChocolate Do you have the same problems in handheld and docked modes?

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My nostalgia-vision remembers MD pads as spongy, and in a weird way, the compilation kind of hits it lol.

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@NinChocolate hi, on previous Wii U virtual console games like Mario golf 64 they were virtually unplayable until I turned on game mode on my Samsung tv, then it was perfect. Maybe the same goes for this......

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@OfNullAndVoid To me, the only games the collection really needed to add were ThunderForce 3, ThunderForce 4 (even though some of the graphical effects make it hard to see what's going on sometimes), and Jewel Master.

Jewel Master is a massively underrated GEN/MD game.

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Is the input lag really that bad,I was about to buy this until I read some comments on reddit(and here) and can't believe Nintendolife would not mention it in their review if it was that bad?



Am I missing something, or is this collection only releasing in America and Europe? I didn't see anything about a Japanese listing.

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Yep :/ It's really bad... I checked with the real hardware side by side... What a shame...




Difficult to say because it's more about "knowing the games already"... I mean, for somebody like me who already played these games it's blatant but for people who just discover the games for the first time... hum maybe they wouldn't feel any lag at all, dunno...



@Cobalt Okay, that’s great to know. I didn’t really grow up in the time frame when Sega was a console manufacturer, so it being my first time most likely won’t hinder my experience. Even if the games do feel a little delayed, at least I’m not starting with an AtGames console .

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