Topic: Sega is taking suggestions for Sega Ages releases on Twitter

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You only have three days starting now to submit your votes. Basically, copy and paste the following prompt into a tweet:

移植希望タイトルは『   』 #セガエイジス移植希望アンケート #TGS2018

With your desired game title entered between the brackets; the Japanese at the beginning is just an instruction and I assume it can be deleted. You might be able to get away with just using those last two hashtags, but better safe than sorry, no? I'd also recommend looking up the Japanese title of your voted game; I entered my vote as "Panzer Dragoon Saga『AZEL パンツァードラグーンRPG』" just to cover all my bases.

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Physical releases for Sega Ages, in volumes, is the only suggestion I would make.

Sadly, Panzer Dragoon Saga will never get a remaster, Sega lost the source code years ago. You would see Sega rebuild PDS from the ground up before you'd see an HD port or remaster. The question is, would Sega be willing to fund a PDS game from the ground up? Probably not.

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Classic Puyo Puyo. Please.

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Sonic 3 and Knuckles and maybe Jet Set Radio, but we probably won't see 3D games for a while



I genuinely cannot choose one.

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Does F Zero GX count?

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I chose Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder. Really curious to see what game comes out on top and from which console. I wonder how many of the top entries will get a release? Hoping to see a top 10 made up of mid to late 90's arcade and Dreamcast titles although I fear what's the most requested by Japanese gamers will be far different to what us in the West would like to see.

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@Magician To that, I give you this —

The Ages series aren't remasters; not in the sense you're probably talking about. And at any rate, it hasn't be an uncommon suggestion when I look through the hashtag's results, so there's demand there, possibly enough for them to at least give it serious consideration.

@Kimyonaakuma I would assume every 16-bit Sonic game is a given, since the first two are already confirmed.

@ReaderRagfish Prooobably not, but if there's really no other choice for you... shrugs

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