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Game streaming works find on the PS4 as long as you have a good connection. I have streamed quite a few games with no problems.

I do think it is odd to offer this service to a wireless only device. I think this option is available because a port of the game is not possible and this game will not actually be running off the Switch hardware.

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subpopz wrote:

This just means I'll buy it on Steam and not Switch, since my laptop will have more portability with RE7 than Switch will.

Also this, eventually.


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Would you need the on-line subscription to play this?

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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This is dumb. It takes away from the main draw for the Switch. I’ll buy this for $20 on Xbox and always have a copy of it.

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@jump No, it's entirely handled by Capcom. Nintendo's servers aren't involved.



I have a few things to say about this whole thing...

1. This is only in Japan, so already Capcom probably doesn't give a hoot about what we in the west think or say about this, at the moment anyway. Likewise this doesn't mean anything to you unless you happen to live in Japan and have a japanese account, so if you have a beef, take it up with those who speak the language. Otherwise you're getting emotionally vested for nothing.

2. If you're worried that stuff like this becoming a trend or future of gaming and ruining it for you, think about stuff like DLC that used to be condemned because of a few bad examples. Now it's widespread and even expected in many games, because many more examples came that ultimately did more good than harm. Whether this release proves to be awesome or terrible, succeeds or flops, if developers see potential in this cloud strategy they WILL continue to experiment with and try to improve it, so wishing for this game's downfall may well only delay the inevitable. And if, or when the day comes where cloud gaming becomes mainstream, you can either embrace it or become Cranky Kongs griping about the good old days for the rest of your lives. Just don't get too upset if others enjoy it more than you.

3. For those claiming this to be another example of Capcom attempting to weasel their way out of supporting the Switch (not that I've seen this around here, but it exists)... we're getting quite a bit right now, including every Mega Man (X) Legacy Collection as well as 11, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary, Okami HD and the Monster Hunter game thought long forgotten, not including currently released games. I'd say the "testing waters" excuse for nursing Capcom hate $%#ners has long since sailed. And we can't forget that, just like Monster Hunter World, this game was developed with no knowledge of the Switch.

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@Lethal I have no idea why people are surprised that a Japan-only streaming service doesn't work in the rest of the world.

If you want a good representation of the game, you should look up a Japanese video:



Octane wrote:

@Lethal I have no idea why people are surprised that a Japan-only streaming service doesn't work in the rest of the world.

If you want a good representation of the game, you should look up a Japanese video:

Who said I was surprised? This is just a video showing the game running on a US Switch from a Japanese server.

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Making this thread was a mistake.

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If you have the proper internet speed then it should look and run flawlessly. The game is not running on a Switch at all. The Switch is pretty much the controller and the game is running off a cloud server. It works exactly how the PS Now works on the PS4.

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