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For the love of God at least remaster mega man legends 1 and 2 if your not going to give us legends 3 I'd give you money right now for updated graphics and controls.



Give me $60 and I'll mail Capcom a letter demanding MML3.

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Aaaaand it’s finished. I’ve turned the games into a hand drawn choose your own adventure novella. You’ll find that the controls are very intuitive and offer an unparalleled tactile feedback. Where’s my money?

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To be sold in Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection 1 (containing the first game) and Mega Man Legends Legacy Collection 2 (containing the second).

Both games are getting physical releases with a full download code inside every box alongside the 1mb cart!


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Don't forget The Misadventures of Tron Bonne as well! I think remaster is an great idea since the game didn't age well for the controls. I did replay Megaman Legends on the PS3 last year.

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