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Xenoblade 2: 8/10; The core game is really solid but there are QoL problems that weren't in the previous games and there's some areas that cleary weren't thoroughly play-tested which makes me think the game was rushed. Definitely much better then the first game but not as good as X (imo).

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Breath of the Wild - 9.5/10
Game of the Year. Nothing more to say.

Mario Odyssey - 9/10
Loved this game, wish it was longer and more like Mario 64. But still a great game.

Street Fighter II - 5/10
Price is way to high for what it is. Great 90s game but simply not worth the price today.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 9.5/10
So much better than the Wii U version with a much needed fix to the battle mode. Best Mario Kart game since Mario 64.

Fast RMX - 8/10
Beautiful fast racing title that is very similar to F-Zero

Arms - 5/10
This game just didn't do it for me. Found it to be very boring and gimmicky.

Splatoon 2 - 8/10
Just a really fun game that removes all the nonsense that today's first person shooters force down your throat.

1-2 Switch - 6/10
The game is so much fun the first day you play it. The game quickly gets old and some of the mini games are just stupid.

WWE 2K18 - 3/10
This game is a mess. Poor frame rate and graphics. Almost unplayable.

NBA 2K18 - 7/10
Not a bad port at all. Graphics and frame rate are good.

Doom - 6/10
It is not a terrible game. Full price with less features makes me drop the score on this one. Graphics take a pretty good hit compared to other platforms.

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First up my physical games
Breath of the wild: 8/10, worth the money: yes
(it’s a great game I’m just extremely dissapointed it deviated so much from other TLOZ games, for me it didn’t feel like a zelda game besides the characters)
Mario kart 8 deluxe: 10/10, WTM: yes
(easily the best mario kart especially with it including all dlc, although for me a game I almost only play MP)
The binding of isaac afterbirth+: 10/10 WTM: yes
Fire emblem warriors: 7/10 WTM: yes
(I loved this game but I prefer many of the other warrior games like hyrule, pirate and dynasty)
Super mario odyssey: 10/10 WTM: yes
(Never have I enjoyed a game so much and I played a lot of games across a lot of platforms across 21 years of my life, only game I think is more perfect is the last of us)
The elder scrolls V skyrim: 10/10 WTM: yes
(Played it to dead on launch on pc and I’m playing it to dead on switch)
Lego marvel superheroes 2: score pending but a 6/10 for now, WTM: yes but that’s due to my love for lego
(Haven’t played much due to skyrim but what I played was great content wise, but the 6 is due to in my 10 hours I played it the framerate issues where unbarable, and trust me, I’m no performance snob, I can handle 10fps as long as it is consistant)
Xenoblade chronicles 2: score pending, WTM: pending but my guess is on yes
(Sorry xenoblade, skyrim is eating my time, although I’m almost finished so it’s almost your turn)
DOOM: score pending, WTM: pending
(I planned to play this during christmas but during that time I think I just started xenoblade)
LEGO worlds: score pending WTM: pending
(Same explanation as DOOM)

Next up my digital games (excluding NEOGEO)
FAST RMX: 7/10, WTM: no
(I liked it but it gets really hard later on, also bought it because I wanted more switch games and MP games but I don’t get to play MP anymore besides MK8D)
Shovel knight treasure trove: 10/10, WTM: FRIKKIN YES!
(Buy this, just do it! You won’t regret it!)
Minecraft: 10/10 for the console edition but be warned the new bedrock edition is $#!T, WTM: yes
Stardew valley: 10/10, WTM: yes
(Second time I bought it (ps4 and switch) and even though I almost didn’t play it on switch I still think the double dip was worth it for the ps4 version alone, the dev deserves your money, I will definitily buy the physical version again)

Metal slug 3: 8/10, WTM: yes
Metal slug: 7/10, WTM: yes
Shock troopers: 7/10, WTM: no
NAM-1975: 5/10, WTM: no
World heroes perfect; 6/10, WTM: no
Waku waku 7: 7/10, WTM: no
The king of fighters ‘94: 7/10, WTM: no
The king of fighters ‘98: 7/10, WTM: no
(Basically bought all the NEOGEO games out of impulse and because I wanted to play them MP but no one was interested, only MS1 and 3 where worth the money because I love the MS games)

Will be updated once I played more games




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