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I should preface this list by stating that I have been out of the gaming seen since around 2007, and played mostly Playstation at that point. I'm lovin the Switch to death though!

BoTW - 9/10 (I'm actually enjoying it more the second time around, as I'm not trying to "complete" things.)
Blaster Master Zero - 5.5/10 (I haven't been able to get back into classic style platformers.)
Snipperclips - 7/10 (Probably higher once the new DLC comes out.)
MK8D - 7.5/10
Splatoon 2 - 8.5/10 (This one really surprised me!)
Minecraft: Story Mode - 8/10
I Am Setsuna - 6/10
Kamiko - 7/10 (considering the price.)
1-2-Switch - 7/10 (Multiplayer Obvs.)

I'd love any suggestions for platformers that have helped others get back into the classic style genre. I'm debating Sonic Mania.

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@Gorbash333 Shovel Knight, it is the game that got me back into that genre. But if you have tried and didn't like it, Maybe Sonic Mania or Shantae Half-Genie Hero. I haven't played Shantae though, but heard great things.



If we don't count the ones that have already some kind of classic status (Wonder Boy, Shovel Knight, Shantae, Cave Story, SteamWorld Dig) the best new platformers on Switch are easily Slime-san and GoNNER.

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BoTw - Would love to award it a perfect score, I won't though. The story really could have been something special, instead it just felt flat. And the divine beasts lost what made Zelda dungeons so special. 8/10

1-2 Switch - Fun to a point. Milking a cow with my Ma was a strange experience. Look forward to getting it out when I host family Xmas this year. Should be quite the lols after a few drinks. 6/10

Mario Kart 8 DX - Despite being a shiny repackage, playing the best ever MK game anywhere, with anyone really shows people what the Switch is all about. Oh, and traditional battle mode. 9/10

ARMS - I played the Trump out of this game when it was released, however I feel my energy could be pointed in better directions now. Alas, there is simply not enough to keep me on the edge of my seat. You might say, it didn't have the LEGS..... 6/10

Spla2on - A solid single player offering, salmon run and more of the same when it comes to traditional turf war gameplay. If it wansnt for the questionable matchmaking and random connection issues, I'd give this a big fat hen. 9/10

Mario + Rabbids - I honestly didn't think this would be for me but a mate brought it over and after half an hour, I knew I had to have it. Wacky, silly fun, but also a gorgeous game, lovingly made. 8/10

Snake pass - probably my favourite non Nintendo game on Switch. The soundtrack alone is enough to take me on a nostalgia ride. 7/10

Thumper - When I played this on VR many moons ago, I thought back then, this will be perfect on Switch. Terrifying and intensely challenging. 7/10

Sonic Mania - Just wow. To think this was made by fans and modders. If SEGA don't let these guys make the next Sonic game (especially when Forces flops) ...... 7/10

Oceanhorn - Wanted to like this more but unfortunately couldn't really get into it. 5/10

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@TAndvig Thanks! I actually haven't play Shovel Knight (me and that one other person in the world, haha). I'll have to check it out, here at some point.

@SKTTR Really?? I've not really looked at those 2. I'll have to do that! Thanks for the tip!

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@Gorbash333 Ah, I ended up loving Blaster Master Zero - I felt it just got better and better as I went on. I'm revising my rating to an 8.5/10...

There are already loads of great 2D platformers on Switch, though. I can second the recommendations for Shovel Knight (I'm currently tackling part 2, Plague Knight) and Wonder Boy - they're both real old-school platformers.

Aside from the other recommendations, there are the run'n'gun platformers too: Mighty Gunvolt Burst and Azure Striker Gunvolt. Must admit, I'm also tempted by Slime-san, but got SteamWorld Dig 2 today, so it's off the menu for now.

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@Krillin_ Really?! What is it about that BMZero that you enjoyed? I didn't get all the way through it, probably like 60% of the way.

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@Gorbash333 Well, if you didn't like it, you didn't like it, but I'm a sucker for Metroidvanias. I loved the breadcrumb trail of power-ups and opening up new areas and secrets in Blaster Master Zero. Must admit it was definitely the exploration and power-ups that kept me invested rather than the platforming per se.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - 8.5/10
Super Bomberman R - 8/10
Snipperclips (Digital) - ?/10 need to play more
Blaster Master Zero (Digital) - 8/10
Kamiko (Digital) - 8/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 8/10
Puyo Puyo Tetris (Digital) - 9/10
Disgaea 5 Complete - ?/10 need to play more
Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition (Digital) - 8.5/10
NBA Playgrounds (Digital) - ?/10 need to play more
Rudymical: Dark Witch Music Episode (Digital) - 6/10
Mighty Gunvolt Burst (Digital) - 8.5/10
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (Digital) - 8.5/10
Namco Museum (Digital) - 7/10
Puzzle Adventure Blockle (Digital) - 8/10
Flip Wars (Digital) - 4.5/10
Sonic Mania (Digital) - 8/10
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - 8.5/10


1-2-Switch - 3/10
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus - ?/10 wasn't for me
Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers - 6.5/10
Lego City Undercover - 6/10
ARMS - 7.5/10
Neo Geo ACA: Waku Waku 7 - 6/10



Zelda Breath of The Wild - 9/10
Super Bomberman R - 7.3/10
Binding of Isaac Afterbirth - 7.8/10
Lego City Undercover - 5.8/10
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 7.8/10
Arms - 8/10
Cave Story - 7.8/10
Splatoon 2 - 8.3/10
Sonic Mania - 7.5/10
Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle - 8.2/10
Kamiko - 7.2/10
Pan-pan - 7.6/10
Kingdom New Lands - 7/10
Slime-san - 7.6/10
Steamworld Dig 2 - 8.1/10

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After about 15 hours with Sine Mora EX:

  • Very modern shooter that is actually beatable on normal mode. 10 continues per stage help very much, and no instant death: the energy bar is a timer and you lose more time when getting hit and regain time by destroying enemies. I think that system is fantastic and adds something fresh to the genre that I haven't seen before. The powerups are also nice. And if you lose all continues you can continue the story mode via level select and get 10 fresh continues. Also, all unlocked stages and bosses can be selected separately via Arcade and Boss Mode. You can mix up airships, pilots, and capsules to get 63 different combinations. Fast-forward cutscenes with the R button. Your highscore and name is registered on online leaderboards for all modes automatically. You can even play co-op for 2 players locally.
  • Great art style, with lots of giant bosses that are well-designed, beautifully animated, and extremely fun to beat. Pretty beautiful environments and good level design / enemy placement / patterns as well, although some parts need practice and careful maneuvering. The controls are spot on.
  • The complex timetravel story is not (comprehensible) for everyone but only the most dedicated, and the Hungarian (can be set to English) speaking animal pilots are like a more badass version of the Star Fox team. The game has pages of backstory and lore to unlock, lots of achievements that are fun to get, hidden characters, new skins for the ships, and a hidden ending. The special mode is just a bonus with 3 versus-multiplayer-minigames in the Sine More universe. The only issues I had with the game are that the game had a Day 1 patch and that you can't select the language of the screentext from the games menu (because the German screentext hasn't been implemented very carefully). Other than that, I can never have enough stages, but it feels the game's length is perfect for one playthrough at a time. Nothing's ever drawn out, lots a variety within the 9 stages.

For me it's a 9/10 because it's one of the best horizontal shooters I have ever played.

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I've slimmed down my Switch library this week. Wanted to try two games but decided they weren't for me (but fortunately have managed to turn a profit on them).

Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ - Hadn't played this game before, and hadn't even properly researched it, but everything I read suggested it was a must-try. So I tried it and... well, I've got nothing against it, but so far as I could tell the game is simply move from small room to small room, run around dodging stuff and firing in a simplistic manner. I like the theme, but the gameplay just seemed to simplistic and repetitive for me - 6/10

Sonic Forces - I've never been able to get into any Sonic games before, but I've not tried many and so when I saw Argos selling this cheap I wanted to give it a shot. But it just reminded me why I don't persevere with Sonic games. Too much time spent not really feeling in control, just watching something run/bounce across the screen. I could maybe see some potential for a kid to enjoy this, it seemed pretty well-produced, but I gave up on it after about 3 levels - 5.5/10

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Xenoblade 2: 8/10; The core game is really solid but there are QoL problems that weren't in the previous games and there's some areas that cleary weren't thoroughly play-tested which makes me think the game was rushed. Definitely much better then the first game but not as good as X (imo).

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Breath of the Wild - 9.5/10
Game of the Year. Nothing more to say.

Mario Odyssey - 9/10
Loved this game, wish it was longer and more like Mario 64. But still a great game.

Street Fighter II - 5/10
Price is way to high for what it is. Great 90s game but simply not worth the price today.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 9.5/10
So much better than the Wii U version with a much needed fix to the battle mode. Best Mario Kart game since Mario 64.

Fast RMX - 8/10
Beautiful fast racing title that is very similar to F-Zero

Arms - 5/10
This game just didn't do it for me. Found it to be very boring and gimmicky.

Splatoon 2 - 8/10
Just a really fun game that removes all the nonsense that today's first person shooters force down your throat.

1-2 Switch - 6/10
The game is so much fun the first day you play it. The game quickly gets old and some of the mini games are just stupid.

WWE 2K18 - 3/10
This game is a mess. Poor frame rate and graphics. Almost unplayable.

NBA 2K18 - 7/10
Not a bad port at all. Graphics and frame rate are good.

Doom - 6/10
It is not a terrible game. Full price with less features makes me drop the score on this one. Graphics take a pretty good hit compared to other platforms.

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First up my physical games
Breath of the wild: 8/10, worth the money: yes
(it’s a great game I’m just extremely dissapointed it deviated so much from other TLOZ games, for me it didn’t feel like a zelda game besides the characters)
Mario kart 8 deluxe: 10/10, WTM: yes
(easily the best mario kart especially with it including all dlc, although for me a game I almost only play MP)
The binding of isaac afterbirth+: 10/10 WTM: yes
Fire emblem warriors: 7/10 WTM: yes
(I loved this game but I prefer many of the other warrior games like hyrule, pirate and dynasty)
Super mario odyssey: 10/10 WTM: yes
(Never have I enjoyed a game so much and I played a lot of games across a lot of platforms across 21 years of my life, only game I think is more perfect is the last of us)
The elder scrolls V skyrim: 10/10 WTM: yes
(Played it to dead on launch on pc and I’m playing it to dead on switch)
Lego marvel superheroes 2: score pending but a 6/10 for now, WTM: yes but that’s due to my love for lego
(Haven’t played much due to skyrim but what I played was great content wise, but the 6 is due to in my 10 hours I played it the framerate issues where unbarable, and trust me, I’m no performance snob, I can handle 10fps as long as it is consistant)
Xenoblade chronicles 2: score pending, WTM: pending but my guess is on yes
(Sorry xenoblade, skyrim is eating my time, although I’m almost finished so it’s almost your turn)
DOOM: score pending, WTM: pending
(I planned to play this during christmas but during that time I think I just started xenoblade)
LEGO worlds: score pending WTM: pending
(Same explanation as DOOM)

Next up my digital games (excluding NEOGEO)
FAST RMX: 7/10, WTM: no
(I liked it but it gets really hard later on, also bought it because I wanted more switch games and MP games but I don’t get to play MP anymore besides MK8D)
Shovel knight treasure trove: 10/10, WTM: FRIKKIN YES!
(Buy this, just do it! You won’t regret it!)
Minecraft: 10/10 for the console edition but be warned the new bedrock edition is $#!T, WTM: yes
Stardew valley: 10/10, WTM: yes
(Second time I bought it (ps4 and switch) and even though I almost didn’t play it on switch I still think the double dip was worth it for the ps4 version alone, the dev deserves your money, I will definitily buy the physical version again)

Metal slug 3: 8/10, WTM: yes
Metal slug: 7/10, WTM: yes
Shock troopers: 7/10, WTM: no
NAM-1975: 5/10, WTM: no
World heroes perfect; 6/10, WTM: no
Waku waku 7: 7/10, WTM: no
The king of fighters ‘94: 7/10, WTM: no
The king of fighters ‘98: 7/10, WTM: no
(Basically bought all the NEOGEO games out of impulse and because I wanted to play them MP but no one was interested, only MS1 and 3 where worth the money because I love the MS games)

Will be updated once I played more games




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