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I bought my son a nintendo switch for christmas and that zelda game he wanted.One day I watched him play the game and I saw a part where he was running around as a man in womens clothing in the game.What the heck I thought this game was for kids I dont want my son playing a game where he runs around as a half naked gay man.I dont want to have to return the game to the store he really wanted this game.My question that I wanted to ask is there a censor option that I can go to in the game to turn that part off?



A section of the game involves infiltrating a women-only city with a disguise. There's nothing that would suggest the character you play as is gay (and that would be completely irrelevant in any case).

Anyway, while the costume is mandatory to play that part of the game, the full sequence itself completely optional. It's about a fourth of the game's main storyline though.

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@NascarRandy How bout you drop the backwards thinking of the 1950s just because a guy wears woman's clothes doesn't mean he's gay. And even if it does there's nothing wrong with it.

Oops my bad I see your user name. I bet you are "into" your realtives and live in a trailer park so yeah you would be offended by crossdresser and homosexuals.

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I'm going to add on to what Meowpheel said to delve a little deeper into what is going on in the game so you get a better idea of the plot and such going on in the game right now. There are 4 bosses and general areas in the game where the main character, Link, has to go to to rescue the princess Zelda and defeat the monster Ganon. Each of these 4 sections of the game houses a landscape and giant robot of sorts that Link has to go into to defeat a guardian that is causing havoc in the area and so that peace can be restored there.

In this particular area, specifically the desert area, Link has to enter a women-only city because the species of these people are almost entirely women. In order to clear this portion of the game Link has to wear women-like clothing to blend in with the rest of the people in the city and so that he can negotiate with the city's leader to be able to have a better shot at defeating the boss in the area. For most of the time in the desert area wearing certain clothing allows you to not take damage and to get around a little easier, the women-like clothing in question is the most easily obtainable of the bunch.

To answer your main question, no, there is no censor option, this is a relatively brief portion of the game that requires the clothing to be used while in the city specifically.


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