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So I was recently thinking about how punch out would work well on switch, with the joy-cons and nintendo labo, the switch would be perfect for a new Punch-out game, with things like online multiplayer and more fighters. This thread is just for sharing ideas, nintendo might not even do this, but it's fun to talk about anyway.


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Isn't Arms pretty much the Switch idea of Punch Out?



@Agriculture Not really, but I see where you're coming from. Punch out is more simple, and doesn't as many gimmicks as arms, like the springs, but also punch out sort of has better characters. For example, Piston Hondo is calm and likes good sportsmanship, whilst Soda popinski is powered by drinks.

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How about this.
Boxing game doesn't have to be Punch Out.
It could be a New Boxing game with different title, different characters set, different rules, whether created by Nintendo or by 3rd party developers.
Btw, since i have interest with Boxing & Kickboxing, let me show you my ideas.


My idea about Chibi Boxer was based on K-1 Pocket Grand Prix GBA , Animal Boxing NDS and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. So, imagine if my boxing game idea does exist.

First, after you press Start button, you will choose between Boxing or Kickboxing style (Red icon = Boxing, Blue icon = Kickboxing)
After you chose the fighting style, you choose a character from the set.
Keep in my mind between Boxer and Kickboxer have different Parameter status.
Being a Boxer, you will have 4 Parameters (Strength, Speed, Stamina and Defense) while being a Kickboxer you will have 5 Parameters (the 5th is Kick).

Strength is how strong your Punch.
Speed is how fast your boxer moves and how fast your punch or kick.
Stamina is your HP.
Defense is how tough your boxer take damages.
Kick is how strong your kick.

After you choose the character, you will choose the Fighting Gauge meter, similar like Street Fighter Alpha 3 / Capcom vs SNK 2. You choose 1 from 4 / 5 different Gauge meter depend on your fighting style you choose. There are Red / Yellow / Green / Blue / Purple Gauge meters. They have different mechanism to charge but you still able to use Super Art to be unleashed when the meter is Full. The Gauge meter has % Bar and divided into 3 levels. Every 100% = 1 Star. There are 3 Stars by Maximum. To use a Super Art, you need a 1 Star. Also, from 1 Star you can empowering / boost your Parameter aspect depend on your Gauge meter you choose. The empowering time will be last for 20 seconds, just like Advanced Mode of King of Fighter '98. Here are my rules.

1. Red Gauge. The meter will be charged a lot every time you PUNCH your opponent, get charged by 1% if you blocked the strike, use your kick or got hit by your opponent. Red Gauge will boost your Punch damage by 2 times once you activated. Recommended for Aggresive type players who like to strike a lot.

2. Yellow Gauge. The meter will be charged a lot everytime you dodge the attacks, will be charged by 1% everytime you got hit by your opponent or strike your opponent or blocked attack or you dash. Yellow gauge will boost your Speed movements and attacks by 2 times, so you can perform very quick attacks set with less delay like V-Ism of Street Fighter Alpha 3. This is very difficult meter to be used, recommended for Tactical players.

3. Green gauge. The meter will be charged by both everytime you hit your opponent or get hit by your opponent by amount 50% from Red and Blue gauge did, will be charged by 1% from blocked attack. Green gauge will Heal your Stamina bar by amount 1% every second. The healing process will be last for 20 seconds. Recommended for Beginner players.

4. Blue Gauge. The meter will be charged ONLY everytime you get hit by opponent. More damages, charged a lot. The meter WON'T be charged if you hit your opponent. Blue gauge will boost your Defense, so you will take Half damages from your opponent for 20 seconds and you can see a Blue Shield will blinking in front of the boxer everytime he got hit. This meter is also difficult, better for Defensive type player.

5. Purple Gauge. The meter will be charged everytime you KICK your opponent, will be charged by 1% everytime you punch your opponent or got hit by your opponent or dash. Purple gauge will boost your Kick by 2 times and boost your speed movement by 1.5 times. This meter is Hybrid of Red and Yellow gauge meter, recommend for Beginner to Advanced players.

Okay, after you choose your Gauge meter, you have to choose 1 Super Art from 2 choices (if you are a Boxer) or 3 choices (if you are a Kickboxer), just like Street Fighter III.

My Chibi Boxer characters were designed for younger audiences, so i made a lot of cuteness and whimsical from my Boxing game ideas. Did you see my Eddie and Raphael ? There will be some Quirky boxers with very funny attitudes during boxing match, just imagine the whimsical from Pocket Fighter by Capcom.

And last but not the least, the boxing ring design and place setting on Chibi Boxer will be varied, from Standard boxing ring to Kiddie style / Inside Sea World / In the jungle / At Mall / On the beach / Cold places / etc, just like Animal Boxing NDS.

Boxing games can be fun and cute just like Pocket Fighter. What do you think about my ideas ? ūüėČ

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Little Mac is the main character.

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@Anti-Matter Good idea if you ask me. Maybe Nintendo could do something like making punch out characters in that cartoon style, I agree though a more cartoony look would appeal to more people.


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Little Mac needs a return. I loved the Wii version. Stick to the winning formula. Just add more. A create a boxer option would be legit cool. Even if it’s just using your mii.

I also would love a new Tecmo Bowl. I so wish this would happen. I love Kickoff I’m the DS. Completely customizable. Fun times.

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@TecmoZack If you make miis we need Matt from wii boxing.


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