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It's Friday, I'm enjoying my time with Dragon's Dogma. The Switch is barely into the third year of its life cycle. As I sit here listening to the April 24th podcast from Easy Allies I find myself looking over my Switch collection . I see some great games...and some...not so great games.

I'm feeling a little judgemental right now. So forgive me if this thread comes off like my own personal blog. But I'm passionate about the Switch, it's my current favorite platform for this hobby that I love. And I'd like a place to sound off on how I feel about game publishers and the games they're bringing to the platform, physical releases specifically.

Today? Merge Games - B+ Most recent physical release: Truberbrook.

I greatly appreciate Merge Games. One of the finest mid-tier publishers in the business. Most of the games they've chosen to publish physically for Switch are great, with Riot: Civil Unrest arguably being the weakest offering. But they've published some killers. Dead Cells, Moonlighter, Yonder, etc.

What about you? Do you have an opinion of a particular publisher in regards to their support (or nonsupport) of the Switch? Sound off. But until the next physical release, back to Dragon's Dogma I go.

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Happy to see SNK on board. They've only released Tag Team Heroins so far, but Samurai Shodown and King of Fighters are on the way.


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EA = F, will be A if they release The Sims 4 for Nintendo Switch

Konami = F, will be A+ if they release Dance Dance Revolution for Nintendo Switch.

Keen Games = B- , will be A if they fix the bug and upgrade the graphic and frame rate from 30fps to 60fps for their Portal Knights.

SquareEnix = B+, will be A if they port and remaster some Classic Final Fantasy series for Nintendo Switch and also released in physical media.

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Capcom are one of the worst with their half-hearted or complete lack of physical releases. I have had to import everything except the Street Fighter games, as they are the only Capcom games on Switch that had been issued a retail release in Australia.

I would have bought all of the Resident Evil games had they been issued a physical release, but I won't be buying any of the three "Origin" releases unless they get their act together.

Bethesda has also screwed all of their physical releases...
DOOM - Only single-playe campaign included on cartridge. No map editor (which would make more sense on a touch-based device like the Switch than the home consoles). Multiplayer content and bug fixes/patches require 8GB+ "update". Content not included on the cartridge should have been a la carte DLC instead of having a huge download imposed upon users. Perhaps the most insulting part of all is that the patch occupies 8GB of space and still demands that you fork over money for a NSO subscription.
Skyrim - Good for the most part, but persons from non-English speaking backgrounds may wish to download language packs (being about 3GB each). Ideally, this should have been included on a larger cartridge, or, like the old days, issue region-specific cartridges for each market.
Wolfenstein II - Half-cartridge nonsense. Game only partially playable without download.
Wolfenstein Youngblood - Download code in a case, even for the deluxe edition. Further downloads offered as a pre-order incentive for a download-only game sold at retail...

I have just bought a gaming PC (which I don't necessarily intend to use for gaming, at least not often) so I might opt for the PC versions of iD's games going forward, but for as long as the game is not provided in full on disc or cartridge, I will wait for a heavy discount.

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Bethesda = A+, im liking the releases we're getting from them, there pretty much on board for the switch.
Capcom = C+ there getting us some games. Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Dogma are pretty good picks though. even if alot of those are ports.
Bandai Namco = A, there giving the switch pretty good support. so many games from them are coming to switch. let's keep that up Bandai Namco!
Square Enix = B+, great support from them, after the great sales octopath. it's clear that they see the switch as a big thing to bring their games. we got a new JRPG coming this summer from them.
EA = D, i'm just gonna pick their games up for PC or PS4. maybe down the road they will support switch? EA's support for switch seems pretty lackluster. there are a few games from them that have been released for it though.

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Square-Enix - A
Most recent release - Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Without a shadow of doubt, the best third party support for the Switch comes by way of Square-Enix. S-E has been contracting developers all over the place in order to port some of the most popular games in the S-E catalogue to the Switch asap. Dragon Quest XI was originally announced as the first Nintendo NX third party game in development before the platform was officially named the "Switch". And S-E delivered a console exclusive in Octopath Traveler, then soon afterwards hired additional staff to the studio that developed the game, unofficially investing more into Switch development.

The relationship between S-E and Nintendo still doesn't compared to the SNES days, but it's the strongest I've seen since.

Switch Physical Collection - 328 games (as of May 20th, 2019)
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Activision FFF. Bethesda A+



PM Studios - B
Most recent release: Cytus Alpha

They're best known for publishing music/rhythm games. Superbeat Xonic, Deemo, Musynx, Voez, etc. But over the past year or so they've been branching out, publishing games outside of the music/rhythm genre. Mercenaries Saga Chronicles, WILL: A Wonderful World, Horizon Chase Turbo, etc. I appreciate them almost as much as Merge Games, although I feel that Merge Games choices' of which games to publish is slightly better.

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Switch Physical Collection - 328 games (as of May 20th, 2019)
Currently playing: Final Fantasy XII (Switch) Mary Skelter (PS Vita) Monster Hunter World (PS4)
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EA = F: I respect that they had to retool FIFA but there are other games they could have brought over by now. Where is ME TRILOGY, where is Dragon Age Origins- Inquisition? Or Mirror's Edge? (Perhaps only the 360 game though). No Sims games...even the my sims spin offs. They feel barely there and while I could understand that when the switch first launched I don't have any sympathy for them now. The good thing is my annoyance with them overall means I'm not buying any EA games on my other systems either. So helps my bottom line.

Capcom= C: I like their output really I do but some of the business choices are perplexing (some of this is across the board and not just switch) In general their ports have been good, and well optimized to the switch. However the trickle is frustrating. Why not an onimusha trilogy or even all three for 20 each? I mean that is what is going to happen anyway so why not just get it out of the way? Why no Ultra Street Fighter 4? (I understand why no 5), Capcom has enough games that skipped nintendo systems but are well loved that they could pad the switch library and come up with new entries at some point.

Bamco = C-: I respect the work done with smash but I really wish bamco would put more of their original works. Where is tekken (port TTT2 if you must), where is Soul Calibur (Or at least IIHD)? Like with capcom, I am hoping for more next year.

SEGA/Atlus D= Sega drags the curve down a bit, however I do expect Atlus to port persona 5 the Royal at some point because the Joker entry is starting to sting a little. Sega as sega, is pretty disappointing all around. I am still hoping for Yakuza at some point (even if it is port of the wiiu game) and if they ever bring back VF I'll take everything back but for now. If it weren't for Atlus and SMT I'd lump them with EA.
I'll add as I think of it.

I will say I do miss the wii/wiiu days when we got unique IPs/entries from 3rd parties. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the ports but new, unique experiences I hope are in the pipe line for year 3

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Ryu_Niiyama wrote:

Bamco = C-

Hmm, a little bit harsh I think. Bamco has supported the Switch nearly as well as Square Enix has. It's true that the Switch hasn't received some of Bamco's heavy hitters, Tekken, Ace Combat, Ridge Racer, etc. But if you're a fan of anime games, Bamco has been delivering nonstop. Super Robot Wars T, multiple Dragon Ball games, multiple One Piece games, Sword Art Online, God Eater, My Hero Academia, etc. Never mind them also delivering more niche games such as Katamari Damacy, Taiko Drum Master, Little Nightmares, Dark Souls, Tales of Vesperia, etc.

Consider cutting Bamco a little more slack.
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Switch Physical Collection - 328 games (as of May 20th, 2019)
Currently playing: Final Fantasy XII (Switch) Mary Skelter (PS Vita) Monster Hunter World (PS4)
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