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I'm having serious issues with nintendo online. We've had a Switch since release and at the time I set my kids with with a child account. No email needed, just a user profile for their own saves. I've recently purchased the Nintendo family membership so they can finally get online and battle it out on Splatoon!
I'm setting up a family group for my family membership and I can't work out how to add the kids profiles. When I try to add a member I have to input an email address, which the don't have as it's a child account.
The nintendo support pages are just awful, leading you round in circles to set up a new kids profile. I don't want to do that as they'll lose all their saves on the games they've already been playing.
Anyone had the same issues or know how to get around this?



I think I just used a second email address that I have for the kids profile.


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@DarkAnD for Splatoon 2, for online play access, only one game save profile per email address. So you need another email address. Yes, it seems & feels ridiculous, but thats how Nintendo made it. Nintendo's system will not allow more than one online Splatoon 2 profile per email address.

They did it to prevent cheating, and also, i think, to keep people from making numerous online Splatoon profiles, which eat up cloud save server space. With all the customizing in the game, i think the game saves are large files.

Without new email addresses, you can only access the single player content.

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NIN support does indication one email for NIN account. So you can't reuse email address. You have to make a NIN account registered to different email to work. Every use of a Switch NIN account needs their own email address. Reason is that if you update or upgrade the Switch you need this to transfer and buy on eShop as well. The Migration of data from one console to another is the biggest reason. If there is no email registered at NIN then you can't move the data from one Switch to another if they get their own and want their own games on their Switch.



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