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Do you guys think the Switch should have pre-installed software, much like the 3DS's AR Games, Streetpass and Face Raiders? I thought of this the other day when I was playing Rhythm Paradise Megamix. It's a franchise that's not that well known and if they pre-installed demos maybe more people would be familiar with it.

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I was thinking something more like traditional card and board games would be a good fit for preloading on the Switch tablet. I think Nintendo even demoed two people playing Reversi on a Wii U GamePad back in 2011. And on the DS there was "42 All-time Classics". Reversi, Checkers, Canfield, Backgammon ,etc.

It's something that can make older people more keen on the Switch. It's not a "killer app" nor something that would sell as a separate game, obviously.

I don't think they should pre-load demos of games. Other than that, we need media apps, too. Netflix, Twitch and the likes.



While I do enjoy Streetpass, I don't imagine I'll be taking the Switch anywhere with me to make use of it. A couple of small tech demo type of games would be nice, but I won't complain if we don't.

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Assuming it has a touch screen I think a port of Super Mario Maker would be good pre-installed. With the levels already posted on MiiVerse from the original still up there. I mean it's probably not a great game for when the Switch is docked. But as a portable? I can create/edit a level on the tablet and then pass a JoyCon to someone to give it a test.

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Not really. At least for me, the preinstalled software was nice to test the system's capacities for the first time, but after that I never used them again.
Plus, preinstalled software takes away space I may want for something else. I have the same problem with my phone, so if I can erase that software, you can bet I will.

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@Luna_110 You raise a good point there, I always wanted to delete Face Raiders and I did have the same problem with my iphone (until iOS10).



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