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I can think of a thousand better ways they should spend their resources



You like my idea about a female Charizard that looks like Charla?



Sword and Shield wishlist:

1. Spirit Armor for all Starters, Pokemon and Mewtwo and Lucario.
2. Pokemon customations (clothes and hair), like lets go.
3. Pink Bow returning as an accessory for a head and tiny colored bows on their ears and horns.
4. Mewtwo’s teenage versions with fire (male) and Fairy (female), like Latias and Latios.
5. Fire and Fairy type versions of Lucario as riolu’s new evolutions
6. New Eeveelutions (steel and ground.
7.Alola Starters returning.



What in fresh hell am I reading

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What in fresh hell am I reading



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  • Pokemon Customations for Pokemon and legendaries (colored clothes and hair colors), like lets go.
  • A female Charizard gender will have a pink bow on her head that looks like Charla as celebration of Liza and Charla returning in SWSH anime.
  • Teen versions of Mewtwo like latios and latias: Fire-type (Male) and Fairy-Type (Female).
  • Riolu’s new evolutions: Fire/Fighting and Fairy/Fighting
  • An orb (red) and cube (blue) robots who has arms and hover stands.
  • Larvitar’s new evolutions, Luritar and Carnitar.
  • New eeveelutions (Steel and Rock)
  • Alola Starters and Pokemon returning.



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Should work on both sides right? 🤷🏻‍♂️



Sword and Shield wishlist:

1. Massage brothers from Gold/Silver return, Senran Kagura Reflextions style
2. New ax holding variations for all Pokemon, called Shining Pokemon
3. Pikachu has a new emo brother
4. Regice becomes a Gym Leader specializing in the normal type
5. Magmar has a new evolution that is water type
6. New baby form of Pichu that is just a yellow fetus
7. Grown up Todd Snap as the professor

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Are you happy with Charla Returning in Sword and Shield anime?



It's interesting that Gamefreak has been more tight-lipped with SS than with what they did with SM. Been over 2 months and they haven't spilled out the pokedex in front of our face yet. Good job The Pokemon company.

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