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Hi all,

Hi have 2 account, the first italian, the second south african...

Hi have this two problem with my switch..

1- All my games that i bought regurally with my credit card are not visible on redownload and i cant play again...

2- When I bought now with my bank credti card, hype credit card and revolut card display this....

"please verify the information that you have entered"

so, with the bank card i've already bought, and also with the revolut,

Italian support are very low, the don't know anything...

Anyone can help?

Thx in advance



What country are you actually in, @thelordtampax ?

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@gcunit ho THX. Im from Italy, and the First account is italiano, the second is south African, when i've created the south Africa i selected country south Africa Johannesburg...
The strange thing is that missing all' my download...Aldo ive already bought games from all' 2 accounts



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