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I want to pick up a game similar to BOTW and was wondering if Pine or Decay of Logos are worth it? What open world games would you recommend?



Let me start by saying, I haven't played either, I was super hyped for both then they both got delayed and the hype train just kinda of left the station, so take my opinion with that in mind

While I haven't seen any Pine reviews yet, I do know DoL was very poorly reviewed and even here got like a 3/10, it's apparently pretty rough, so if you have to pick right now, Pine, if you have the option to wait on some reviews, I'd probably do that, just to make sure it's worth your money



Open world games?

In order of preference I'd say...

The Witcher III
Saints Row The Third
Lego City Undercover

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I also haven't played either yet, but I've been keeping an eye on them. Decay of Logos has a decent amount of reviews now, and they are not good. The biggest issues are technical, but it seems the gameplay also isn't anything to write home about. It's possible a patch could help, but they already delayed the game to fix performance issues and we still got this mess, so the situation doesn't look promising.

Pine doesn't have many reviews yet, but the initial ones are also not good. Again, the big reason why seems to be technical issues. But unlike Decay of Logos, it seems like there is an interesting game buried somewhere within Pine, it's just the technical issues are a big barrier. If they can manage to successfully patch the game down the road, they may be able to salvage it, similar to what happened with Rime.

So based on that, if you had to pick one of the two, I'd probably go with Pine, but honestly it might be better to just wait and see what happens. Neither game seems to be inspiring a big vote of confidence right now.



The Witcher 3

That's what I have and playing right now for open world but still need to get back to BoTW.

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