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My Splatoon 2 game cartridge has stopped working... IT basically gives me an error after inserting it saying it can't load, please try again from the Home Menu. Has anyone else had any issues with game cartridges on the Switch? Also, if I were to buy digital, would it pick up the save data or overwrite it? All I can find on the subject is 2 or 3 threads on Reddit. Splatoon 2 is one of the few games that isn't supported by the cloud backup so I would hate if I lost all progress for my Daughter and I. I have tried other games and they all work. I have also tried cleaning the cartridge, but no joy.


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@sikthvash I believe that the digital version would be able to pick your save data, so you should be able to do that.

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@MasterJay Thanks - I had hoped the transition would be seamless. I'm now £50 lighter & staying positive as I wait for the download to finish.


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@sikthvash I got Sonic Mania when it was released (as digital) and then when the physical turned up I bought that. When I loaded up the Physical version the save data, from the original digital, was there, so I don't see why it shouldnt work the otherway.

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@sikthvash : The save data is independent, so it doesn't matter whether you use the physical version or digital. The save data will remain the same so long as you don't accidentally buy a different region version (as that may not be compatible with the existing save data), but I think you'll be fine.

And I suspect that you may have overreacted with the cartridge not being recognised. I have experienced that problem on a few occasions, especially with Puyo Puyo Tetris, and I have never had an experience where the cartridge has been completely unusable.

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@Silly_G Many thanks! Well, redownloading it didn't help initially, neither did checking for corrupted software. I deleted it all (apart from the saves of course) and started again and that worked. Now I just need to sell my cartridge ha!


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