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This discussions is for those of you who have bought and played Payday 2 for the Nintendo Switch. I just want to hear some feedback and your thoughts on the game. What do you like or don't like? Is it different from the PC version? I just want to know cause I was looking to get the game myself but I would like to hear from anyone who has played it on the Switch and whether I should buy it or not. Cheers.

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I've played it. Don't have another version to compare to though.

It looks OK- about like a 360 game would look (pretty sure that's because it's just an older 7th gen game). Plays decent. Wish it had motion like DOOM, cause aiming FPS is always a little harder with smaller analog such as Joycon have. But it works.

Didn't encounter any technical issues. Framerate seemed ok, visuals seemed ok. Looks good on handheld.

Would I recommend it? I mean, I'd recommend a lot of other games before this one. Like DOOM and LA Noire. But if you're looking for the PayDay 2 experience, I think it's a good one. Aside from the no voice chat, obviously. From what I hear objectives are abundantly clear and quick messages in the game pretty much make it a non-issue. That's something you'll have to judge according to your standards, though.

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Haven't played it so I can't say much about it but I've heard that it's at least a year behind the PC version in terms of updates, so you're probably better off getting it on PC if you can


I have it and play everyday. Few glitches in the game but that’s expected. Outta 10 stars I give this an 8



As a person who has never played anther version of the game to compare, I think it's a great game. You can play offline and have fun, but I'm in the process of trying to find a group for preferably local play, but even online if anyone wants to play message me.



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