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Guys, lets be real, there was NO WAY that was going to happen. You can't just expect Nintendo to suddenly include her in sports/party games. It doesn't work like that. What kind of Special Shot/Trick Shot will she have? And for the record, I don't know WHY some of y'all are disappointed by this just because Pauline might not be in this game. That list(which I'm HOPING is true) is an amazing lineup of characters. Hell, be glad that Metal Mario, Gold Mario, and Pink Gold Peach will most likely not be a part of this game.Nintendo JUST NOW BROUGHT HER BACK IN 2017 THROUGH SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY!!! Don't get me wrong because I like Pauline, but do not be surprise if she's not even included through DLC or free updates.
P.S: In my opinion, this tennis game will most likely be the best Mario Tennis game in years(probably better than Mario Tennis: Power Tour and/or Mario Power Tennis).
P.S.S: However, I will say that my only personal gripe with this game is that fact that Fly Guy and Wiggler might not be in this game and that the items from Mario Power Tennis will not return in this game.



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