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Hey y'all,

Has anyone ever made a comprehensive list of dual multiplayer games (those that allow multiple users on one system to play with one or more users on another system). I'm not sure if a better name exists out there. I'm thinking along the lines of how Overcooked 2 allow you to play with multiple people locally and join friends online. Or like Mario Kart allowing for 2 player multiplayer online.

I've been searching and I can't find anything that allows both. I'd appreciate any advice or suggestions of games that fit the bill (even if they aren't AAA titles).




Hey... Thank you for asking this question. I'm really struggling: why are there no games spring this features others that the two you are mentioning.
Even worse: Mario Party 8 didn't include such a feature.

Please, proof me wrong. Aren't there some other games supporting that 2 vs. 2 online mode via Nintendo online Service.

Asked this questions in an German forum. All that game I got recommended ended up with not this feature (online 1 vs x multi-player)

Help would be great



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