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For what it's worth, I distinctly remember hearing that Okami HD's Japanese release is Japanese only. I remember finding this when I was looking at import options (because, yes, I am the sort of person who would rock a fuzzy case for my Switch) and deciding not to do it because I don't really need games in languages I don't speak. However, I don't remember WHERE I heard it from.

You may be able to get more informatiom by inquiring in the Physical Switch Releases thread. There are people over there who collect Switch games almost obsessively, and they know all about the various versions available.

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Okami jpn version follows your system language. Meaning the opening warning and icon will be in Japanese but the game will be in English. User account doesn’t matter. Meaning I wasted my money downloading the more expensive jpn version. And i have to reboot every single time I play this game. Capcom can fall down a well. I am absolutely livid.

Edit: Good night's sleep helped. I'm annoyed but its just a reboot. so that's what I shall do. I do hope that Capcom just tosses a language option patch in there though. save me some time.

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Mine is on the way the order went through and being shipped now.



I can confirm the Japanese cart definitely has English. In fact, it booted up in English and I don’t think there’s even any in game menu to change it.



I’ve ordered physical without considering this, so I’m glad to hear English is supported for an adventure game.

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Play-asia has just dispatched my physical copy so I’m very happy to be playing it soon. Glad there are no issues with the English language support. Can not wait to replay this.

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I missed the first batch which was sold out quickly. But I just received an express DHL shipment from Amazon JP from the re-stock. I'm going on vacation this weekend so the timing couldn't be more perfect!


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