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Sadist wrote:

I’m in because Suda51

Suda51 is life

Live by Suda51 and die by Suda51 amirite

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I thought I was going to get it today, but no... The online retailer shipped it this Wednesday, so it's probably the postal service that has f-d up. Sigh... I don't understand why the general release dates are on Fridays.

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Just got it on a whim last night (I'm supposed to be on a budget....shh don't tell anyone) and I'm enjoying it. It is over the top and silly/stupid and so far the mini games are amusing. Suda51 tends to meet my crude humor quota for the decade. I'm good till 2029.

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Punisher67 wrote:


True - reviews seem all over the place - I only read the eurogamer one and thought - this is a complete disaster. Looks like quite a few think it’s half decent

Yeah, a lot of it comes down to what you liked about Suda51's games: The sense of humor or the innovative gameplay ideas? Because it's sorely lacking in the later. I mean, it's not even that hard to see, it's a simple hack & slash with mostly generic level gimmicks that barely tie into the overall quirky aesthetic it has going on. I mean, NMH2 didn't exactly have the greatest or most varied gameplay ever, but it certainly felt unique when it came out.

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@CanisWolfred Yeah, it doesn't seem like the most innovative game, but it looks fun. I'm not to tell though, as I'm yet to get it.

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If you love Suda, you will love this

Completed it today and it was a weird ride. Highlights are the text adventures (stop it with the text, out localization costs are high enough), Serious Moonlight (the twist is amazing) and the ending which revealed that. You know what I mean when you complete the game.

Plus my Majora’s Mask shirt looks great on Travis.



@Sadist Thanks for this comment! Hope I'm getting it tomorrow!

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Well waiting for my CE collection to come before I fire it up to give a go around.



Started this one and really enjoying it so far. It is a hack n slash type of game, for anyone interested. It takes itself insanely not seriously, is harsh on everything and has immense pop culture references from gaming to movies to anything. I lol'ed at the first minigame enter

It's like a simple easter egg rollercoaster mashup. Suda keeps on putting the game in games, it seems. So far, so good for me.

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Finished. I think this is a 6.5/10 for me. I didn't like this game's pacing at all, as I prefer my beat'em up/brawlers to have a concise sense of navigation, "go here, do this." But I enjoyed the art style, the music, the gameplay, and the characters enough to play the game to its conclusion.

Not a bad game, just...a mildly disappointing beginning for 2019 Switch exclusives.

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Ok so apparently travis and badman can fuse. Anyone know how to do it exactly? It looks like they both use one of their skill chips at the same time. It would have to be a chip thats unique to both so they can both attach it. Its at the 30 minute mark of this video.



Ok, who saw the new opening movie?This game is shaping up to be a love letter to Suda51's gaming portfolio.

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Hideous looking game, definitely not my cup of tea.



Well I actually bought the game. At a store and everything!

I'm totally going into this game not expecting it to be worth the money, but to be fair I loved No More Heroes despite most of it being either filler or garbage so...? But maybe it will since it's only 40 AND came with the season pass.

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@FrankGarrett Thanks for informing us!

@kkslider5552000 If you go into it not expecting a masterpiece, I bet you will enjoy it. I think it's a fun little game. A little bit on the repetitive side, but coming from huge RPGs like XC2 and Tales of Vesperia, I find it a nice change of pace to play a simple, but entertaining hack n' slash with a weird sense of humour. It's not visually stunning (but has its unique style) and the story makes little to no sense, but it plays well and flows fine.

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Just got my Physical Collectors Edition which comes with the Season Pass, opened the case and found:


And got reminded of the old Club Nintendo codes

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Last week I couldn't find it anywhere, but now the physical version is finally out here. Thanks.


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