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Hello, ive bought my nintendo switch 3 months ago and it was working perfectly.

Two weeks ago i had to stop using it for studying for my finals, and i forgot to turn it off so it stood in "Battery Save" mode, but the battery drained.

Today i plugged it so i could download patches and all that but it remains in the black screen with the "Low battery" icon on the left top.

The console does not turn on and it seems that it isn't loading either since it doesn't start up.

Anyone has a solution for this?




Give it some time to get enough juice into its depleted cells and then it should boot.

If not take it back to where you got it from.

From the Nintendo site:

Has it been a long time since the console was charged?

The console's battery is drained even when you're not using it. If too much time passes, the console may become unable to charge. Please charge the console at least once every six months.

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@kyleforrester87 Thanks, you are right, after an hour of the black screen it turned on.

Thanks for the quick help



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