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Samus7Killer wrote:

@MegaTen get it yet? Pics or didnt happen 📷

Yep, and have been busy playing the games I purchased before getting the Switch itself.
Bit of a bad quality picture, but hey, this will do.
Not shown is Super Bomberman R (is on the next screen)


i just got my switch today.
honestly, i was not expecting it to be so tiny.
it was easy to learn how use joy cons, i started using both of them, i was kinda worried because my Hands are so big.
we got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, (i sold my Wii U version. mind you)
can't wait to tried out other games on the switch in the future! looks like a neat system so far!

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@Aozz101x Might as well. No reason to keep MK8 if you own the Deluxe version.

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what's sad is you still have to preorder a Switch almost 6 months on market already.
and people still deny controlled stock to hype up demand is a thing. LOL



Just saw 3 systems on the shelf of my local Target yesterday when I went to pick up Splatoon 2. Guy said they got them in that day, but this wasn't early by any means, about 7PM. First time I have seen systems out in the wild. Seems several bundles are available too, this is how I got mine bundled 3 games from Gamestop.

Is Switch stock finally catching up with demand?

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i saw 1 switch at my nearest Walmart. A grey one. I was tempted to buy a 2nd Switch!



I just saw 3 at Walmart, plus 3 or 4 copies of Disgaea. So at least I know it shouldn't be too difficult to get them when I finally decide to buy a Switch.


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I saw two Switches at Walmart. I thought I'd be more excited when I finally found one in the wild, but I just passed it up. I'll get one eventually. Most likely when Mario Odyssey releases.

These pretzels are making me thirsty.


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