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@BabyYoshi65 I don't know!! I meant, if they do, I wonder if Nintendo would do a joint announcement or hold off on putting them online until after an N64 had been launched and around for a little while etc



@BabyYoshi65 it's the 25th anniversary of the N64 launching next year, feels like a good time for an N64 Mini and N64 games being added to the online service.



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@Magician What is the difference between Tecmo Bowl and Super Tecmo Bowl? I'd like to try Blades of Steel

I've never played the first game, Tecmo Super Bowl is the one I grew up playing. But if I were to guess, the original Tecmo Bowl was just a versus game. Tecmo Super Bowl allowed you to play a full season of games, including playoffs and the Super Bowl. All progress made in the season was saved to a battery backup.

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I just want to finally play the earthbound games



7th saga for snes would be a good add imo

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Just give us N64 and GameCube games already, Nintendo. That's what I want. Oh, and the option to actually buy and own them, instead of only being able to rent them, which is completely daft and behind the times, if you ask me, especially seeing as we've already had those options I want in the Virtual Console, so in many ways, Nintendo Online feels like a MASSIVE step back.

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