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Recently, my Nintendo Switch fan seems to have gotten extremely loud. I have a Day 1 launch model and hadn't even noticed the fan coming on before now. If it did, it certainly did not sound like it does now or last as long.

The other day, I booted the Switch up from being totally powered off - hadn't played it that day at all - and the fan came on instantly and was whirring away for a good while.

I mostly play docked if it is of any significance.

Anyway, I recall @retrogamerandrew and a couple other folks on these forums had to send their Switch in for repair for one reason or another but a common factor was prior to the eventual fault, the Switch fan had started to get loud and more common.

I guess, I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this correlation between fan noise and a later Switch problem occurring and whether I should be taking any steps to avoid an eventual fault.

My Switch did freeze up on me recently too. Was on the home menu, clicked a game icon to launch and it all just hanged there. Had to hold power button down for an eternity to get the thing off again.

Prior to this the Switch has been virtually flawless without any crashes at all aside from like one in the first month of play.

Any advice appreciated.

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Does your system get hot as well while playing? I'm not talking about the general heat you would expect, but HOT HOT?

Asking because this is what happened to mine with the fan kicking off and console overheating.

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It could easily be some dust-related problem... if your Switch is out of warranty I'd think about opening the chassis and give it a go with compressed air in the fan area.
It could also be the heat sink needing a new thermal paste application, but if that's the case I don't know if I'd dare disassemble that thing if I were you...
I'll try with compressed air first, should be easier to start with

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