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We have the Blue Zelda case that came out at launch and works great. If you're looking for one that can hold everything we also have this one from Amazon.

Works great, holds everything securely and is half the price of the official Nintendo that's basically the same thing!



RDS Go play. You have a great case that fits the great grip case.

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Trajan wrote:

RDS Go play. You have a great case that fits the great grip case.

I have this too and really like it. The grip doesn’t fit as tight as you’d expect but you can easily modify it with some tape.



@ValhallaOutcast I’ve glanced at that one before, to take up less space in my work bag. (I use the Mirror’s Edge messenger bag that was a GameStop bonus ages ago, but it’s not terribly padded). So you say it’s fairly sturdy? I don’t go tossing my bag around, mind you.


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@chinkyboy I was in a similar situation as you a few months ago and purchased the Butterfox Switch case:

It's very good — it is slim yet very protective of the Switch, and it stores many game cards (19). It also has indents that prevent the joy con buttons from being pressed, which I like. The case also has some other niceties, like a handle and a zipper that is soft so that it does not scratch the Joy Con. You can read the reviews, it currently has a 4.7 out of 5 rating.

There's one drawback though — when I first got the case, it smelled really bad, like a bad chemical smell. I had to stuff it with fabric softener dryer sheets and leave it like that for a few days to remove the smell. Once you get past that initial hurdle though the case is excellent!



I got the amazon basic case for 5$ as an add on item, so i figured it was worth a try. didn't use any other case since. You can drive over your switch in that thing and it wouldn't have a scratch. also the fit is very nice and snug. Comes in red or blue.

Also got this for my pro controller as i tend to use it more than the joy cons. so far very satisfied with it:

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I am looking to get a case as well and have been looking at many on Amazon for days now. I've yet to decide on which one I want to order, but I may end up going with this one.



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