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As far as I can tell, there isn't a thread focused on Nintendo's upcoming online service, so I figured I'd make one since it's something I've felt like talking about, and other people may be interested in. As the title says, talk about whatever you want in regards to Nintendo's online service, be it rumors, hopes, expectations, etc.

To start off, I'll posit one of the question I'd like to get other peoples view on before posting my own thoughts: What are you expecting for Nintendo's general online infrastructure? I've heard rumors of them moving from away from the current model and shifting titles like Spla2n over to dedicated servers, but I don't know how feasible that would be, and it would make older titles stand out if it was implemented with upcoming games like Smash and not older titles.



@Andrew5678 Truth be told I'm kind of expecting a bit of a disappointment when it comes to this service. I don't really think they'll go all out with the paid online. The only hook is going to be a collection of some classic games and some eshop deals and knowing Nintendo we'll get some very mediocre games for the collection at first (like urban champion) and the deals will probably not go past 30% (I would love to be proven wrong and see a discount of 75% off one of these days)

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The best way to look at the Online Service unless Nintendo says otherwise, is to prepare for disappointment. I see this as being nothing more than a price tag slapped onto a bare bones thought out service.

Free online play across both first and third now being paid (as with the competitors), one free NES game per month which you have already bought and owned a hundred times before (and all first party).

And though Nintendo says they will be adding additional features to make it more worth the money, I really cannot see it being anything to be excited or even mildly interested about.



The online Nintendo service will be just as good as the my Nintendo rewards

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When's the last time Nintendo went above and beyond expectations when involving anything other than their video games?

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It would be difficult to transition a game from the way splatoon is handled to dedicated servers. A lot of code would have to be moved off the game client and onto the server. If they were planning to run their online games on servers they would have launched with them.

Keep in mind too when sony went to paid online they didn't go to servers, they still do the normal p2p connections. Nintendo, at a much lower price, isn't going to go to servers. Beyond that the cost of running servers for a game really isn't that big of a deal for a large company. Games like Elite Dangerous, Guild Wars 2, and others run on servers but do not have a monthly fee. You buy the game and that's it. They do have some microtransactions but don't use many of the predatory tactics. Elite for example just sells paint jobs, decals, and flight suits(that you hardly see because it's all first person).

The point I'm making with all this is in the case of paid online you're not paying for quality so prepare to be disappointed. You're paying because it's a closed system and they can gate you off like that.


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I hope they will launch the virtual console alongside with the online service. This is all I want with the Switch online update.



I personally think it's going to surprise in some ways and disappoint in others. It's Nintendo, there's no way it'll include everything we hope it will but at the same time I've a feeling it's going to include a couple of pleasant surprises. I think Nintendo know they need to make it hard to resist to entice the majority of Switch owners to upgrade.

Here's the most recent comments about the service.

"Kimishima said that Nintendo has dedicated “substantial resources” to creating the service, and it’s putting a lot of energy behind it. The idea is to make the service a way for people to play more of Nintendo’s games, as well as diversify how the games are played.

Without getting into specifics, Kimishima said that the service will offer “products” that consumers want, and promised to share more in the announcement. “Please give us a bit more time to announce more details about the service,” said Kimishima.

“I think that announcement will convey to you how we plan to popularise the service.”

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Online + Classic Game Selection already sounds pretty decent to me

...and if they could perhaps throw in:

  • an OS level 'Party' system
  • a Direct Messaging system (even if it's just restricted to 'friends only')
  • a way to invite friends to an online lobby via the OS
  • ..and maybe a few apps, themes and discounts ()

I'd be delighted!

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What I want from this service: For it to be how everyone else does online.
What I'm expecting: The same thing we currently have for the Switch, but with monthly classic games that nobody has heard of or mediocre games, that we don't even get to keep after the month.
E-shop sales that won't go past %30 and will NEVER have a sale on good first party games.

So I'm hoping for the best, but expecting SplatNet 2.0.



I know Nintendo tries to be different, but with regards to online services, I am sorry but Sony and Microsoft figured that out years ago.

-Parties for online play based in the OS
-Chat based in the parties(have a parental control feature to turn this off or limit to friends approved by parents)
-The ability to send your friends invites to play a game
-Messages - even if the feel the need to restrict it to pre-written messages - (Hey, let's play Mario Kart) would be good enough

I also hope games we already have, like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Rocket League and Fifa all get updates that integrate these online systems.

These basic things are really "must haves" in my book. But "should haves" include:
-Home menu themes
-Video apps like YouTube, Netflix and Twitch
-A proper activity log

Do I think we will get any of the above? I want to stay positive, but Nintendo has never done online very well...

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My expectations for the online service are close to zero. Unless Nintendo localizes Dragon Quest X? Then maybe I could be enticed to cough up $20 a year. But as it stands: 1) a rotation of classic Nintendo games 2) online multiplayer 3) eShop discounts...are not enough to justify the asking price.

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They released info on some of the initial games for the NES archive, and while some of them I'd never heard of or don't care about... Others I'm a bit excited for. The original Legend of Zelda, Doctor Mario, and the original 3 Super Mario games has me drooling. Donkey Kong, I've long loved that game even though I kind of suck at it. The other four announced games, I'm ambivalent about but will probably try. Never played them before. I am curious what the other 10 initial games will be though.


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