Topic: Nintendo is allowing customized current colors for Joy-Con! (currently Japan only)

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Edit: reworded with current colors to avoid misleading. my bad! '''^_^
Nintendo launched a site (currently in japan only) to allowed you to customized the colors of the Joy-Cons
note: i don't take credit. i've discovered this from switch force who are the ones that discovered it.

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Um... those are the existing colours. What that site appears to provide is a means for one to build their own hardware bundle and add whatever accessories (and Joy-Con colours) they choose. It appears to be sold out, however.

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Damn, thread title got me excited that Nintendo were maybe doing something like Xbox Design Labs where you get to customize your own controllers.


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The only great thing it does is let you choose the colour of the L and R Joy-con separately. You'll be waiting quite a while too as they're only taking pre-orders now but won't be shipping them until October.

Edit: And you can choose the colour of the Joy-con strap as well. It's limited to the colours already available.

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PLEEEEEASE do this globally Nintendo!

I have Red/Blue
I'd like Yellow/Green
Yellow/Yellow = too much yellow!
..and the pink in the Green/Pink set is too close to the (pinkish) Red I already have!
(and Grey/Grey = Zzzzzz....)

Pick'n'Mix Joy-Con sets would be PERRRRFECT!

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I want ReColor the Tablet body of Switch.
I want White Nintendo Switch, also White Joy Cons.
It will look so Bee-Yew-Tii-Ful in my eyes.

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The only one I have seen actually attempt a full scale recoloring has been a KS campaign that got eaten up within MINUTES of the announcement.

And I will say I am envious, cause is also added the Switch tablet itself as well. Atomic Purple is nostalgic as hell.

Though that goes without saying this is an entirely do-it-yourself project when this thing goes through. So warranties may be at a huge risk. Regardless, this has been the closest, hope to see more action taken like this to catch Nintendo's eyes and MAAAAYBE we see a more "official" option.



If Nintendo would quit this whole "Japan only" thing they have going on, they would rule the west too. I would buy all the dragon quest games in a flash if they appeared on the switch.



The yellow and green looks very nice.There's no chance of me ever buying another set of Joy-con though,unless my own ones break.I've got a Pro-controller,I'll be buying a SNES 8-Bitdo controller when I'm home next month and I also hope to pick up the Hori V-rap soon.I'm well covered.

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Six words: "glow in the dark joy-cons please".

I can't believe that they've never been a thing. I'd say that there is definitely money on the table there.


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