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Is anyone having any trouble downloading the newly released NBA playgrounds off the Nintendo Eshop? In my country the game has been out for nearly 2 days yet I still can't seem to purchase the game? It tells me that it is a new release, so I should have the option to purchase it but it only lets me add it to my watch list. Is anyone having a similar issue with this game or any others? Is there a workaround for this?



@BroTendo97 I'm not sure if this is NA-only or if it applies to all regions but a quick search just now tells me it's released today/May 9th..

edit: Looks like the date is actually for Europe so yeah. It's not out yet. You gotta wait until the eShop updates I guess, whenever that is.

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@BroTendo97 it came out 15 min ago 9:30 in the morning in the Netherlands (Europe)

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