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Hey I'm new on the Nintendo Switch.
Add me, Friend code: SW-4206-7967-2885



You should mention the games you've got, and your general area. Your profile says you're in the US, and you're play time won't really match with people in the UK, Europe, Australia, etc.

I highly recommend Splatoon 2 - I've put 900hrs into it. Ridiculous, I know. Absolutely great shooter. Favorite game. I thought it looked like too much of a kids game, but my friend insisted I try it.
The hype is real for BOTW... if you didn't get it already. It's revolutionary -amazing. (same for Mario Odyssey)

Splatoon 2 - Usually play turf war, sometimes salmon run.
SW-5453-2229-5124 (level 97 & all other games)
SW-2689-6138-5686 (2nd splatoon profile)
Usr:Anderiah / SpookyDipr
eastern US.
Cough! (patiently waiting for A Hat in Time)


You should put your Switch friends code in your account profile and maybe a couple of games your playing into your signature(like mine says Currently Playing and has a couple of games) @BluPassion. And you should look for people to play with in their dedicated forum. Example if you want friends for Smash Bro.s look in the Smash Bro.s forum, friends for Pokemon Go look in the Pokemon Go thread, Ect, Ect. And just a heads up their most likely going to lock/shutdown this forum. Because if all 900,000+ members created a forum just for their friends code it would get crazy and be hard to find someone. Good Luck and Game On.

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Switch Friend Code: SW-3830-1045-2921


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