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I was pretty bummed today when I read through the much awaited release of the Nintendo Switch Gold Coins Reward Program. Basically, if you buy a new, full priced game on the Switch, you get 3 dollars of credit for use in the EShop. For physical games, it is only 1 dollar credit. Not only is this very bad, in and of itself....but the rate at which we gained coins last year was much less. So, after being a loyal customer, and buying dozens of games throughout 2017....I only have a measly 7 dollars to spend in the EShop. Hoping for a miracle from Nintendo to make this right, lol. But, hey, I guess they had to become one of Japan's richest companies somehow. Just disappointed about the new loyalty program. Anyone else have some thoughts on the topic?

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Tondodino wrote:

Anyone else have some thoughts on the topic?

Plenty of people, and they're all over here!



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