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New here and this already may have been discussed but here we go.

A week ago I finally bought a Switch. Everything is great except when I am playing with the console undocked.
I am currently playing Zelda and when my battery gets around 30% it flashes a battery with very little charge and shuts off. It repeatedly does this each time I turn back on. The console will sit at the Home Screen until it reaches 0%.

This is getting really frustrating. I've read few threads about having to like drain it 7 times etc but am not sure if this is related to that. Any help would be great.




Call Nintendo support, and if needed get it replaced

Well excuuuse me princess

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@rwposey92 take it back to the retailer and get another one. If it hasn't passed the return date yet and if you have a Online account backup your game and then take it back and get it swapped. Do this ASAP......



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