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I’m looking to get either Super Mario Maker 2 or Fire Emblem 3 houses, I do love Mario Maker for its infinite replay ability and map maker but I also love Fire Emblem for its gameplay, what do you guys recommend?

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Super Mario Maker 2.
You will get into the game once you keep busy designing your map.

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Get both. Or neither.


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@WarioWoodsfan Mario Maker has value if you're more interested in designing levels. Using myself as an example, I've never been as interested in designing games/levels as entertainment as opposed to just playing finished games. Fire Emblem sounds more enjoyable to me, but every player is different, so figure out what you value as they provide very different experiences. Infinite replayability is only good if that replayability is interesting. Some games I go back to again and again have no inherent replay value other than I just like them.



I absolutely love Fire Emblem Three Houses. The gameplay is captivating, the characters are well written and it had a great emotional impact on me. I can’t recommend it enough.



Should get both each are different type of gameplay and can't be compared to each other. Unless you got money issues they your asking the wrong questions here.



This is comparing apples to oranges. They're both widely different games. I'd say get both, but decide on which game's mechanics appeal to you more right now to decide which one to pick up first. You could use gameplay videos to try and help decide, or borrow them off or someone (if this is an option) to see if you'd like them.

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@WarioWoodsfan If you're on the fence like you describe, you probably wont regret whichever you buy. And you can always get the other later. (or both if you've got the funds)

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Otherwise wait til they become either on sale for each to get it for less or buy preowned.



I’m still too new to the system to really give a recommendation as I have neither of these games. But from past gamer experience anything with Mario is always good and fire emblem games are usually good too.

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I have EU/JP/NA FireEmblem 3 House and I love it. My niece plays more then me though. As to MM2 that still cost as much as it was released no sale on it yet.



Both will give replay potential, but Mario Maker takes it to...literally an infinite level.

If this is the case of having enough money for one game for quite awhile, I'd go with Mario Maker hands down. It's infinitely replayable in a double sense - playing other levels and making your own.

HOWEVER, if you don't have Online, then nope. Fire Emblem lol



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