Topic: My switch won't connect to ANY wifi network

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Please help

I have two switches here. My boyfriends is connecting and currently connected to the wifi network. Mine is not. It just says unable to connect with network error 2110-2003

I have tried resetting whole switch and also turning on an off several times over past hour.

It finds the network fine, then I enter the correct password and then it is unable to connect. As I mentioned my boyfriends is currently connected just fine to the same network I am trying.

Is something wrong with my switch? Clearly, there is nothing wrong with the network?



@laurita721 Have you reset the router? Does the router have a device limit?

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@gcunit Yes I have. No device limit. I tried to connect my switch first with nothing else connected. Didn't connect. I then connected my boyfriends with nothing else connected. It connected. Macbook, iPhone, also connect fine.



If you look online there is issues about that error code did you try those first?



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