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After seeing and playing the Joker route in classic mode on Smash Ultimate, I came up with an idea for a Persona 6.

In, my, P6. The protagonist moves into his new house with his/her parents in a new country; in this case the family is Japanese and have moved to an English speaking country. The big news is that there's a hot new game that's getting kids and teens addicted to it, called Super Royale. When the protagonist gets a copy of the game, students from his/her new school start going missing, but he/her gets addicted to the game and ends up getting caught inside the game. It turns out the Super Royale is a trap to get people to lose lots of money to the game, and that Shadows are used to capture the kids and teens into the game, but the protagonist is the first person ever to escape the game, and takes another kid out with him/her, who ends up becoming the next player character in the team. As this game is based in a game world that's a Battle Royale, I had this idea of changing the formula of being a typical JRPG like the other Persona titles, but make it into a Turn based action strategy RPG. A bit of a long winded genre name, but it'll play more on the lines of Valkyria Chronicles, where each playable character has a set amount of time to do their actions in real time before moving onto the next playable character.

The Personas in this game aren't just the typical monsters, demons, and deities in the Persona franchise, but you can unlock actual video game characters too! Each of the Persona and game characters are summoned by cartridges you collect during your time fighting in Super Royale, but you can earn them during the daytime segments of the game, where you can purchase games from a second hand game shop in town, growing you game collection, and arsenal of Personas to use in battle. There will be a second hand game market in the game where certain titles can actually go up and down in price as the story goes on, so you'll have to be price savvy to get games at bargain prices, rather than pay the inflated prices.

The story will concluded with the CEO of the company that made Super Royale being a super greedy man, and has been influenced by the Shadows. He'll be the last boss in the game who'll summon the final Persona, Master and Crazy Hand!




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