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I’m hoping someone can help me out. I currently have a Switch in my games room but would also like one for my games room.

If I purchase a second Switch am I able to login with my account and download/play the games I’ve already purchased?

Many thanks in advance.



Yes, you can do it, but may I point out something?

If you already have one in your games room, you don't need to get another one to have one in your games room.

But even if you have two games rooms (you lucky SOB if you do), you can actually take the Switch with you from games room to games room.

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Yeah I'd just get a second dock.

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Many thanks everyone. I fancy another Switch as I'm flipping between the two rooms quite regularly, I just wasn't sure how easy it was to transfer games and whether I'd have to deactivate one.

Your help is much appreciated.



Another dock is the best way to go about this...

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Specially when you take into consideration that while the game transfer easily not all save do even with the online service.



ed5275 wrote:

Another dock is the best way to go about this...

Eureka Watson we have a live kicker online... That's what I did one in my gaming room one in living room and one in my Nintendo backpack for on the road. That's 3 Docks far cheaper then getting two Switch unless you got money to burn then by all means.

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