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There’s a premium edition for Switch also, it’s just digital only.

But it comes with all the extra DLC and costumes so yes, all the DLC and characters will be available on Switch.

(I’m downloading the premium version as we speak)

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Ugh, I'm pulling my preorder for the physical version. I refuse to pay top dollar for a terrible business practice like these half physical, half digital releases. I would've gladly paid $80 to have everything on a 32GB game cartridge. But instead WB chose the ideal business route by using 8GB cartridges.

Oh well. That money shall go towards My Time At Portia and Crash Team Racing.

I'll get MK 11 when it hits the bargain bin.

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I to will be cancelling my preorder and now i'll be getting it from Game Fly and will delete the insane download when i'm done. And If it comes with a one time download code i'll just say screw it all together as i'm about over this game anyway.
Edit: After thinking about it i am totally over this game and sadly video games in general if they go down a digital only road. I have to many other hobbies to let one of them screw me.

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I wonder what will be on playable on the cart. without an update. I imagine the high quality cutscenes in arcade mode are the reason why the filesize is so big.

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So anybody else having trouble finding MK11 on the European E-shop? I want to Pre-load the digital version ASAP!



I can't decide if I want to dive into this one or not...

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Pre-load is up on the Australian Eshop. Will purchase tonight when I get home. Says its releasing on the 23rd so that delay must be for physical only I guess.



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