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So Mortal Kombat is returning to a Nintendo console after all.these years. Can't tell you how hyped I am for this. I played MKX on PS4 and I enjoyed it alot so I am expecting no less from MK11.

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I'm hoping they'll release the original arcade versions of MK1, MK2, and UMK3 too.

I'm a rare example of a guy who likes both cartoons and anime equally. Also, Breath of the Wild is AWESOME! (No Lego Movie pun intended)

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They said to preorder dec 7 to get bonus so what gives???



Look forward to the Nintendo cameo. Link appears and rips someone's spine out.

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I'm happy to be able to have MK on the go again. Played 9 a ton when it released for Vita.



Instabuy for me. Cannot wait to be sub zero again!

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So stoked for this. Buying it for my Switch for sure. Maybe buying it for my OneX too if that's the version my brother picks up. But either way I'm getting this game for Switch!



I can't wait to have MK on a Nintendo system again and portable to boot!
Nintendo may have changed their stance on this level of violence since the first MK, but I still don't think we'll see any crossovers like with other franchises. No way Nintendo allows one of their characters in this game.
I hope MK1, 2 and U3 arcade versions are included with this.

@SwitchForce Preorders opened today. The bonus is Shao Kahn and early access via beta.

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ugh now have to go to my local GS to preorder or preorder at BB.

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It's impossible to be sad about more high-quality third party games on Switch.

I'll be a day-one buyer.

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SuperWeird wrote:

So stoked for this. Buying it for my Switch for sure. Maybe buying it for my OneX too if that's the version my brother picks up. But either way I'm getting this game for Switch!

Same. I feel obligated to buy them on both systems since I just got the Xbox One X.

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I've been playing Mortal Kombat (the very first, in arcades) since I was 10. Yep. All those violent games and still I never hurt anyone in my life. Yay.

I was especially in love with Mortal Kombat 9 as it was a "reimagination" of the 3 titles I mainly grew up with. I also played LOADS of X. Even made second place in a local tournament.

Having said all that I fear I might experience some "franchise fatigue" or I'm getting too old for all that stuff. I really don't like how they spoil every fatality even before the game is out. The franchise is so devoid of any mystery (compared to back in the day where it was a MINDMELTER to see your first fatality or fight Reptile) and they try to cater to such a wide audience now.

I always liked the "mythical tournament" vibe more than the modern "whatever this is" thing they pulled especially with X and now with 11. Also I just think that the graphics look high res and smooth but not "realistic". The figthers don't look like humans. They looks like very high res avatars. Miis. Puppets. Anyone else getting my gist?

I don't like the over-the-top "there gotta be a flying eyeball somewhere" fatalities. I'd much rather enjoy a really gruesome, down to earth, photorealistic fighter with people that actually look like humans (or demigods or whatever) that perform gruesome "cant watch it" fatalities that are actually somewhat based in reality (therefore they have more impact) than this comic-booky over-the-top slaughterfest with gooey cartoonblood.

I know, unpopular opinion. I seem to always be "that guy". But, anyone else feeling like me? Loving the series to the core but somehow failing to connect to the "newer" offerings?

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