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Phazon and Dark Samus is probably going to go the way of Halo's Flood, you think it's gone but some very specific situation means it's not gone and will return someday. Given how much Prime 4 means for the future of the Metroid franchise, I'd guess it returns in Prime 4 to be safe.


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@EvilLucario True. I got confused by the ending where an X-Parasite infected a creature, but completely forgot about the secret images where (SPOILERS AHEAD) the chozo that arrived on the planet, annihilate the ones in SR388. If they choose to put these as the new villains in Metroid 5, what will happen with the (MAJOR FUSION SPOILER) corrupted side of the Galactic Ferderation?

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I know people told me to just listen for news about Metroid 4, but has anyone heard anything about it lately, I mean its been nearly 2 years since Nintendo started working on would think they would have said something by now. I hope i hear something soon.

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It's been barely a year since they said they we're handing it over to Retro Studios. We probably won't hear anything till next year at the earliest.

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I'm guessing a christmas 2021 release. They'll release the Prime Trilogy HD first though. Either later this year or early 2021.

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I think we could see it launch around spring/summer of 2022. It’s a large game with a massive scope so Retro will need time to do the series justice



We don't know if it is "a large game with a massive scope". But I would think that they need at least 3 years. Let's just hope that we see it on Switch.

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