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Who is running Nintendo these days? No one it seems. I used to be a huge Nintendo fan but their non appearance at E3 this year and for several years was beyond disappointing. There is a reason Nintendo hasn’t been the top platform and gaming company for years. They no longer know how or perhaps remember how to build excitement for their brand. No teasers for games like Metroid Prime 4 does not sell consoles. It’s not enough to just say “we’re working on it”. Other gaming companies build excitement for their games no matter what stage of development they are in. Keeps people talking about them. Not much to talk about with Nintendo anymore im afraid.



I don't really agree, I think Nintendo has over the last few years taken a different approach to E3 as not a one stop shop for all news as they trickle things out in the Directs that they do (which IMO is better). I get it a blow out of hype and news is always going to turn heads and it would be something to see all the gaming sites/mags talk about how they won E3 etc. but thats just not how they do it.

As far as not knowing how to build excitement for their brand i would disagree, I think they have done a great job, at minimum 100x better then with the Wii U in building excitement for the brand/switch. Being at the top of gaming is relative these days imo, i mean they are selling an underpowered system with remastered/ported games that are 5+ years old and its selling like gang busters right now and projected to keep doing so, and they happen to be or were recently the highest valued company in Japan, the same place that other major game company happens to be located as well.

I see your frustration I really do, I just think the days of huge blowout in one event has gone by for the most part, even Sony really didn't do anything big at E3 this year. MS pretty much had to because by most accounts they are trailing and there has been some doubt in their commitment to remaining in the industry. Just my 2 cents, and yea I wish there was more on Metroid Prime 4 as well



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