Topic: Mario Tennis Aces is the most disappointing Switch game for me so far

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I too enjoyed Aces. Once I got the hang of how I could do things, I liked the adventure more. But my favorite mode was online with simple rules.

That said, Sega Superstar Tennis on 360 is still my fav arcade style tennis game.


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@ReaderRagfihs The game isn’t that balanced, but super shots are far more than overwhelming. With some practice, you can deflect it almost every single time.
The controls also get better when using a Pro Controller. In all, the full game is much better than the demo, like most other games.

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I’d like to chime in and say that, while the game didn’t live up to its potential and certainly cut some corners, it was by no means an abject failure. The base game is solid, and in my eyes marks the first genuinely good expansion of the base mechanics in the series’ history. At it’s core I think it’s a good tennis games.

That doesn’t eliminate the fact that it contains some baffling design choices and signs of being rushed out - at least at launch. The initial lack of options in how many sets you could play and on what courts was just... weird, and the story mode felt a little forced and unfinished. It’s a bit of a minor gripe but I found it strange that, upon obtaining one of the four main jewels that the story is based around, the only indication you get is a single line of text telling you just that. No animation, or even an imagine of what this jewel you’ve been seeking looks like. It’s just like “you got the red jewel”, and you just sort of have to believe it’s red. Initially there was also no restart option upon failing a mission which was a bit baffling.

So anyway, I don’t think it’s a bad game, but it didn’t live up to the game it should have been. With games like Zelda and Mario knocking taking their respective series to a whole new level, it was a bit sad to see Mario Tennis fumble, especially after getting so much of the core game right.

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@ReaderRagfihs Yeah that is something that I have against the game in general to be honest. Like I said the simple rules game has taken a hit by all the focus being on the multitude of special moves, and you are right about those being more so about overwhelming your opponent. As a result it isn't good at being a traditional tennis game and the way it is mean to be played isn't really tennis anymore.



I got the game for Christmas and though I haven't played a huge amount of it yet (only around 4-5 hours), I really like what I've played. I'd be playing it more if I didn't have so many other games distracting me... Anyway, I haven't finished the story mode yet but it's fun, I don't see what people have against it. (Then again, this is my first Mario Tennis game so I can't compare it against the RPG-style story modes that some of the previous games had.) I like the special moves too. If I wanted a simple or realistic tennis game I wouldn't buy one with Mario on the cover. Plus it's got one of the most interesting playable character line-ups of any Mario spin-off (Chain Chomp! Luma! Pauline!), and the graphics are some of the best I've seen on the Switch.


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