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@rk3388 This seems to always happen for big releases like this, it doesn't really seem to worth the risk for anyone involved on the business side of things. And as for everyone else they just have to try and avoid the spoilers, none of it really seems right to me.

If the leak is true then I hope that there are a good amount of new Kingdoms....I'll just have to try and avoid them for a few months...



Now that particular spoiler was not too bad for me, in fact, if I had to know anything else about the game it'd be that...but I guess this means it's time to leave this thread until Friday! See ya! (We'll see if I can actually keep myself away, ha ha.)

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Played a demo at Best Buy today and absolutely loved it. Honestly I am not a big fan of 3D Mario games, although I liked 3D World and Land, but Odyssey I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to playing this game next weekend. Definitely the Switches killer app.

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Have to be strong.

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Warning to all! On Youtube and Twitter be extra careful. On Youtube delete your history or say "not interested" when an Odyssey video comes up. Some youtubers are jerks and they had spoilers of the final boss/ending in the thumbnail and it popped up on my recommended videos.



News sites like Gamexplain are also showing minor spoilers as well, so if you haven't already unsubscribe from them for the time being.

5 days. Be strong my goombas.

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This is the game I bought my Switch for. I'm one of the few folks not to buy ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD (have never stuck with any of the previous ZELDA entries I tried: TP on Wii and PHANTOM HOURGLASS for DS) and so wished SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY would have been a launch title back in March. I've pre-ordered this from Tesco Direct in the U.K. and managed to only pay Β£3. The wife's Tesco club points took care of the rest of the charge. We've decided to keep SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY under wraps until Christmas as a family gift to us and my kids from 'Santa'. Will be really hard seeing everyone playing it come the end of October but man, will be a magical Xmas game and no doubt last me well into 2018. I think for a small minority of non-Zelda fans like me, the Switch era will really now begin with the release of SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY. So excited for this game.

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Anyone else buying this now but having it as a Christmas pressie?

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@-Green- GameXplain actually renamed their newest video after people complained about it. Derrick didn't consider it as a spoiler since it was part of the demo that's been playable in events since E3. That said, there really are people who want to spoil everything. Derrick tweeted soon afterwards that apparently someone posted major spoilers as a reply to his tweet so he warns people to stay away from those replies. It is GameXplain's job to post guides, etc. after the game comes out so that of course may irk some people.

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If you don't want spoilers I would say stay away from the internet altogether until Friday as it's going to be EVERYWHERE.



@FragRed Wouldnβ€˜t one need to stay away from the Internet until they finished/completed the game? I mean, once itβ€˜s officially out, the spoilers are getting even worse.

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@GoldenGamer88 It's not that hard to avoid spoilers most of the time.
People that leak information before release just try really hard to ruin it for everyone. Most people after release are usually okay at not revealing to much in titles and thumbnails.

Obviously you have to be careful though, especially in here and on YouTube, but apart from that it's not impossible. I hope so anyway, I'll have to try and keep this game a mystery for a few months!



Ive had to block a twitter account thats posting straight up ending kmages in replies to tweets.

Its a minefield out there guys. Us Nintendo fans cant have anything at all it seems :/

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I can't wait to try out the video recording stuff on this game. Lord knows I'm gonna be taking endless amounts of clips and screenshots



Just signed out of my YouTube account. Why do people post thumbnail images with spoilers? Are they trying to ruin the game for others, or are they just naive?

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@macapala A leak from a game as big as Odyssey is the ultimate clickbait. They probably can't help themselves.

There are videos now on YouTube with names and pictures of unannounced kingdoms in their thumbnails and titles. They've kept showing up in my suggestions so it's easier just to sign out for a while...

I've only had one kingdom spoiled due to this but sadly I think it might be the final one



God, I haven't been this genuinely hyped for a Mario game in a while! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved 3D World and Galaxy.

But this one title seems to be packed with so much stuff, I really can't wait to spend a few hours with it!

Also hello, new guy here!



@Virtu_Al Welcome aboard Al. And ye, Odyssey is a hark back to 64 and Sunshine. It's been too long.

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