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@rk3388 Sunshine HD is a possibility.I doubt we'll see Galaxy 3 of SM3DW 2 this gen though just for the fact they've never released 2 different styles of 3D Mario on the same console before.Saying that with the Switch being a home and portable console,maybe they will go for 2 styles.I'm hoping they will do that with Zelda,I'd love a proper overhead Zelda in HD.

Funny,as I was writing this comment Odyssey briefly appeared on the TV.

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@Maxz It's similar to Sunshine and its sub-levels (those without FLUDD, or those extra missions in Delfino Plaza), except the transition between them a way more fluid, and the sub-levels are way more in theme with the rest of the level. From what I've seen (I don't want to get spoiled too much, so I didn't watch a lot of Treehouse), I like how these sub-levels are implemented.

I wonder if we even get a HUB world or not. There are hints that the Mushroom Kingdom is going to be a kingdom in the game. That makes sense as a first area, and it could maybe act as a HUB world too.

One thing I'd like to see are unique bosses. Stuff like Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper or King Kaliente. Boss enemies that are in theme with their levels. I hope they don't rely too much on those rabbits. They give me a Koopalings vibe. Generic boss characters.



@Octane Well that's the thing. Having watched all the Treehouse streams (at the risk of spoilers), it seems much less like Sunshine that I'd originally thought. Which is interesting.

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OorWullie wrote:

With Odyssey coming out so early in the Switch's life,I hope this means we'll get a sequel to it in 3 or 4 years?Although I haven't played it but I already know I wan't more of it..

I'm hoping the same will be true with Zelda, Xenoblade and Mario Kart too.

They said they want to reuse that Zelda engine. Takahasi said Xenoblade 2 was much quicker to develop because they reused the Xenoblade X engine.

And Mario Kart's pretty much Nintendo's biggest selling franchise so they'll surely be making another.

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@Octane We've seen two unique bosses and got to say, while one is a floating head and hands again, the other looks great

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@BLP_Software Right! Forget about those. The Nintendo Land centipede and the pyramid boss.



I have a theory I thought might be of interest.

As we know, the New Donk City of the game is a sort of more realistic reimagining of the original Donkey Kong game. What if ALL the levels are like this? The Egypt level could be like Sarasa Land in The Gameboy game, the forest level with the Dinosaurs may be a call back to Super Mario World with Yoshi and the other Dinosaurs in that game, and the Mexican level might be related to the American SMB2 (that's a little tenuous I'll admit). There's even a line in the song about going to the moon which seems it could be implying a Mario Galaxy level. With all the costumes you can wear from the older games, it would make sense that the game is a love letter to Maria's past.

Make sense? Or just out there?

Isn't it obvious that Falco Lombardi is actually a parrot?


@MrGawain I've had a vague feeling something like this was happening. That wonderfully cohesive theory ties it together really well. But isn't the Mexican level and the Desert level the same, though? And what about the food level and the forest level? The Forest level reminds me of a part of Super Mario Land 2, I guess. But there is definitely an old-fashioned, classical vibe I get from New Donk and Dinosaur Land.

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I found @Haru17:
...well it was Haru.
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"Mexico" is part of the desert kingdom.

The dinosaur land is part of the techno-forest kingdom.

Meowph, that's right!

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@Meowpheel Dino Land is part of the Cascade Kingdom, the forest is the Wooded Kingdom. They're separate levels.



Hm I could swear I saw a scene with the t-rex and there were purple hexagons around.

Meowph, that's right!

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Octane wrote:

@Meowpheel There was a T-Rex in the forest as well.

What? Why would they use something like that twice?

I did think the dinosaur land was a different stage though.

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Lol. Just saw Super Mario Odyssey at Exxon's gastv at the pump !

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@Dezzy No idea. It felt a bit out of place TBH. They probably reused the T-Rex, because they thought we would like that. Maybe he's involved in a mission and you need to get him back to dino land. There was an out-of-place looking sphinx statue in the woods too.



@Octane @Dezzy For what it's worth, in the forest stage (Wooded Kingdom), the dinosaur was in the "secret area" of the level. Not in the main area.
The secret area's a dense forest with pretty tall trees, too. So yeah, even if the Wooded Kingdom's not the dinosaur's native habitat, I'm not too sure it's that out of place. Maybe it is, and we have to bring it back to the Dinosaur Land. Good luck to us in advance, if that's the case.

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Has anyone figured anything out about that black and white-ish level in the trailer?

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@Dezzy I think they said it's like a hat kingdom were we meet Cappy. So it might be the very first kingdom we are introduced to.



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