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Hi All,

I finally got my copy of Mario yesterday and have played it for a while. I noticed some severe frame drops in the cascade kingdom. However, a friend said his playthrough was smooth with no frame drops.

So, I was wondering if you guys have experienced any of these?

I basically get severe stutters if there is too much action going on.

1) In the cascade kingdom, just behind the Dino/ sign post with the flowers in a circle on that long bridge that follows. There are lots of those small things with horns on their back. When I activate my circle cap throw and run into them killing most of them in one hit, I get severe stutters which end once the animation is over.

2) Also in that kingdom. When capturing the Dino in the cave and running in dash mode into those horn things in large numbers - again I get severe stutters which end once the animation is over.

Are you able to replicate this on your system or have you noticed this?

I had weird black screens on my system a while ago, which seem to have disappeared. However, I am worried my switch might be broken in some way and thus I experience poor performance.

I appreciate any feedback.

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I experience quite often frame drops in New Donk City, its something noticeable but not to the point that it can create issues to the gameplay anyway. Every other kingdom in the game so far run smooth for me. I've never experienced other problems with my console except of course known glitches of certain games.

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@LuckyLand I have read a few times that New Donk City is supposed to be a bit unstable. Hm, seems like I am the only person with problems in the Cascade Kingdom!?



I haven't noticed any framerate dips, but then, I'm not super-sensitive to that sort of thing either, and only really noticed it in BotW when I was in the Korok Forest.



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