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My idea is that every Mario Kart dev should be locked in a room with Diddy Kong Racing, Burnout Paradise, and the mission mode of Mario Kart DS and not be allowed out until they add interesting single player to Mario Kart again.

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#1 ditch the blue shells

My favorite tracks are the ones without recurring laps. One big long track is so much more fun. I'd also like to see the cooler cars be more competitive instead of the ugliest goofiest cars being the best. I also with each driver had identical specs. It urked me to have to use a heavy character to beat the time trials instead of my usual favorite, toad.



Anti-Matter wrote:

New features :
1. Transformable vehicles. Imagine your kart can transform into a motorbike or an ATV transform into aeroplane, etc.

2. Levitate vehicles, just like Chocobo Racing.

3. Stack Up same items into Level Up items. Imagine you stack 2 Green Shells = 1 Red Shell, 3 Green Shells = 1 Blue Shell

4. Customable every single Vehicles part, from wheel, body, bumper, horn, etc.

5. More specific Mii costumes customize. Also, same things with Mario characters.

6. Two different time setting for each tracks. Imagine playing SNES Rainbow Road at Day or at Night for different sensation.

7. Cutomize your tracks, just like Modnation or LABO Motorbike.

8. Link with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Save Data to unlock All 48 tracks in Mario Kart 9 style.

Most of these ideas would make the game not work as a casual game. It's one of the most popular games among the masses. It would be better if they did this with another series, like F-Zero.



1. Adventure Mode featuring a few new characters created specifically for this game. 2. A roster focusing on unique characters rather than remodels. Drop Metal Mario, Dry Bowser, Cat Peach, ect. in exchange for characters like Toadstool, Wart, and Pauline. 3. Team style racing like Double Dash's



First person view option?
After seeing Mario Kart VR a year or so ago, I thought it might hint they will add a good first person view option to MK9 like in the VR gameplay leaks. I do think 3rd person view should remain the priority, it's probably optimal for how the game works. Mario Kart 7 first person view was cool looking, but, to me, it felt too awkward drifting. Although, now that time has passed, I think Nintendo was probably only making that first person VR game for a Super Mario World ride at Universal Studios.

(In the mean time, I've hoped they'd port MK7 for the Switch, but MK8D still sells so well, I don't see this happening.)

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Battle Royale, 50 carts, every lap one player is eliminated automatically in addition to players landing out of bounds. Players landing out of bounds three times will be knocked out regardless of pole position. Completed laps, in-game achievements, final pole position, and victories will reward players with currency used towards unlocking racers, cart styles, cart modifications, etc. Players who have been knocked out of races can return to the main menu, queue for their next race, or enter observation mode where players can place bets (with earned currency) on who will be knocked out of the race next.

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