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"I think that maybe when we release the next hardware system, you can look forward to seeing Mario take on a new role or in a new game." - Shigeru Miyamoto, December 2014

When Nintendo launches their next home console, it can be expected that a new 3D Mario will be there in the first year and serve to show off the new interface (something Nintendo failed to do with WiiU's launch). So what do you guys expect from the next 3D Mario adventure title? Sunshine 2? Galaxy 3? Something new and bigger?

My thoughts-

1. Concept: Free roam, massive world that is a hub to eight islands or castles similar to Mario 64's islands.

2. World: The Mushroom Kingdom as an open world with little villages, wildlife, roads, sewers, rolling hills, and a 24-hour time system.

3. Characters: I would make the game 4-player online cooperative with Luigi, Mario, Peach, and a special guest, Pac-Man.

4. Story: The story begins with Mario and Luigi fighting a villain (perhaps a koopaling) that is wielding a new weapon, an ice wand. Mario and Luigi are frozen in ice for ten years, until the enemy is defeated or the wand broken at some point by a new enemy (something totally new). Mario and Luigi awake with no idea how long they have been frozen. They return to the Mushroom Kingdom via the sewer system where they run into a young blonde woman in pants and a jacket who is twice as tall as either of them. They don't know her but she knows them and is joyous to see them. She leads them to her home, a shack in the sewers, and she introduces them to Pac-man. She tells them that Pac-man came to the Kingdom via a warp pipe like Mario and Luigi did.

The sewer system is all a transport system between worlds and thus the reason the plumbers are considered superstars in Mushroom Kingdom.

The sewer woman and Pac-man go with Luigi and Mario to the surface. Only then do the Mario brothers find out the whole world has changed while they were frozen. It's a world without Mario brothers-- the princess was dethroned by the Koopalings, she has grown to be a woman who lives in the underworld beneath Mushroom Kingdom, and now a new enemy has come to the land and taken over the Toadstool Castle.

5. Controls: Assuming the system uses two 3D tracking wands (at least one of the two featuring an analog stick), I believe there are two directions that could be interesting for the controls-
a. The player could simply use the motion control to tilt the character's torso. You would still make the character run with the analog stick but you would tilt the wand to tilt the character's upper body like riding a motorcycle. It would gear the game towards more intricate platforming puzzles.
b. Alternatively, the 3D wands could be used to control the character's arms/hands. They could be used for punching, grabbing, and throwing fireballs or enemies. It could easily show off how the wands could be used in boxing games, sports titles, and adventure titles.

6. Power-ups: Some new power-ups could include slime balls or water balls (think about Sunshine's fluid puzzles), a jackalope suit that allows the player to run fast and plow enemies with antlers, and a beaver suit that combines swimming speed with the ability to run, spin attack, and climb.

7. Graphics: Realistically textured or flat shaded, the character designs need a shakeup like the expressionist turn they took with Wind Waker.

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Sounds cool... Not sure about tilting around while running...but the premise sounds interesting.

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The more I've thought about it, the more I think it would be most exciting to control the character's hands with motion control.



Switch Pac-Man with Someone Else Like Yoshi or Toad.


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