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For $50 I'm not buying it unless it has cutscenes and im petty sure it doesn't.



@Inertiacreep I tend to agree. I don't know if Setsuna felt "cheap" but it did feel kind of "soulless" piano, story, had a felt incomplete. Like there was a core idea to it that the producers saw in their heads but it never made the transition to the game. You know Nintendo's design concept of "design the gameplay system and then create a world to fit around it?" (versus the West that designs a world and story and then throws some token gameplay in there to make it interactive.) It feels to me like Setsuna was made with the intention to use Nintendo's philosophy, but they missed the methodology, and instead brainstormed a checklistof features and attributes that would define the gameplay loop for a streamlined RPG that borrows elements from CT's battle system, and implemented them doggedly, the result of which was a very formula driven, repeating loop of gameplay activities that never threw real surprises at you, never took you somewhere else, and never made any of the events or locations feel meaningful because they were all just sequence-driven events to drive you along that gameplay loop. I.E. The game wouldn't be much different replaced with 8-bit Space Invaders sprites, which makes it a well defined gameplay loop, but abandons most of what makes RPG fans like RPGs. The characters and world were great in concept, but when every village is something you stop over for 20 seconds, complete your checklist, and go to the next samey place, with everything about the same size and pace.

This seems to be Squeenix's idea of "streamlined RPG" though. Bravely Default 1 and 2 suffered similarly from the same concept, though I actually liked the battle system in Setsuna better. BD also pays lip service to its events and locations, where the whole game is just a funnel from one boss battle to the next, plus tedious grinding with the jobs system that wasn't even great back in the day. BD only stands out because the characters are SO exceptional, the world in your head drives the world on the screen.

Even Octopath is largely following this formula. I feel a lot of BD is in Octopath, and a lot of BD is in Setsuna, and it appears a lot of it is in Sphear as well. Octopath somehow rights the ship through just "meshing" in a way that Setsuna did not, I think because it feels missions are a sense of story driven objectives in unique locations rather than samey looking locales with the main goal of "keep going forward." Maybe Sphear will have it's stand-out concepts in the full game we can't see in the demo.

But with SO many great RPGs on the way (and quite a few on PS4 for PS4 owners as well) it makes it difficult for this to stand out if it's not a budget RPG. Still, I'm hoping it's a bad demo. It wouldn't be the first game that a bad demo didn't do the game justice. Heck MH4 had a pretty bad demo despite being a top notch game.



@Inertiacreep Also worth noting is that Dark Souls Remastered on Switch is $10 cheaper than Lost Sphear. I think that says a lot about Square's insanity with how they priced this game.

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This game is priced a little high, and I usually don't care about price tags.

But I got the physical version ordered from the Square Enix Online Store. Which helps justify it somewhat.

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@NEStalgia i had the same impression.. i mean, there are aspects about setsuna i totally love.. i love the hell out of pianos and the wintery setting in an rpg could make me want to play it once a year.. but at the end of the day it's a $20 game.

But octopath.. hell i would pay $150 for that game if i had to.

So for $50 lost sphere better be more than a 80 hour i am setsuna.



@Inertiacreep The one thing that gives me hope is that there were moments where Setsuna seemed like it could be brilliant. The dialog in some of the towns with the missing shipwright, the backstory with the burly guy that was a guardian for the last sacrifice all hinted at briliance, but the game just squandered it and either went nowhere or flatly concluded it all by exposition. If they can build on those hints of greatness, Lost Sphear could be good. But I fear the TRPGF team is more of a "gameplay systems" group that isn't good at weaving a narrative or keeping an adventure interesting and focuses just on the metrics of battle systems. Arguably that would be a better backbone for an online arpg type game.



I just finished the demo (yeah I'm behind, but I only got a Switch recently) and I was kind of disappointed. I haven't grown up playing Square Enix games but I loved the Bravely Default series, but Lost Sphear just isn't fun to me.
The controls and menus seem clunky and the while it has a decent art style it looks kind of basic. The demo was too short for me to become invested in the story but the premise is interesting. To be honest the game comes across as a mobile port.

Was I am Setsuna any better? I'm really wanting a new JRPG and I want my first on the Switch to be good. I just finished XCX so I'm a little burnt out from Monolith games but I can't wait for Octopath Traveller. Maybe the full version will be better?

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I kind of get your point. Taken as a whole, Setsuna does feel like a bit more spit polish here, a bit more character developement there, and THEN it would have been a "complete" game. But like you said, Square has been pretty transparent about their mission with these games: these are smaller RPGs not meant to be compared to Final Fantasy. But here we are, still kinda-sorta comparing Setsuna and Sphear to bigger, more engrossing games, even if we're not saying those games by name. We're doing it lol Even Octopath, even though its visuals are SNES-era old school, is definitely a massive RPG that most likely will stand against some of the heavy hitters.

So, yea, that being said: this shouldn't be 50 bucks. 30, for sure. 40, MAYBE if I'm in the right mood. Yea, I'm disappointed that they're charging this much. I'll pick it up in the summer or next holiday season when it's on sale.

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Lost Sphear USA & PAL version also available on Playasia too.

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So little weird maybe? I got my UK copy of Lost Sphear today (from Shopto) and the game is only in Japanese? The cart nor case show any sign of it being the Japanese or Asian version.

Is this their way of stopping you from playing the game before release date? Or did Square-Enix royally screw up?

Note there is no options to change language in the game.



^Anyone else know anything about this? Especially assuming more physical copies are being accessed now.

EDIT: A comment I made earlier on the subject.

"I have had the UK PAL edition of the game since the weekend. The European copy is currently only in Japanese. The cart is PAL as is the case with Pegi rating. (Shopto delivered).

There has been numerous reports of other users in Europe getting earlier copies that are also just loading up the Japanese version of the game.

Hopefully on day of release there will be a patch or update that opens up the english translation. Otherwise SE royally screwed up with its European production.

More examples:"

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Oh, so the rotters in Europe getting their shady early copies can't play in English? Ohhhh isn't that too bad.. i hope this is the new standard for Japanese releases.

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Shady? The games dispatch to arrive for release day. At least in my case. Don't know about the stores that sell them.

I'm more than ok if this is just a way to stop playing before official launch, but if it is a screw up thats a pretty big one.



Just an update. The English translation is now patched in. A little disconcerting that it isnt on the cart itself, meaning when the servers go kaput so does your english language.

Fun game so far! Though only couple hours in.



My game has just arrived (always get everything delivered to work), just half an hour until i am on lunch and can play it!


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Bunkerneath wrote:

My game has just arrived (always get everything delivered to work), just half an hour until i am on lunch and can play it!

the beauty of switch.

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Anyone know when this game will be playable for East coast USA really been waiting to play and still cant and its 12 pm our time? Any idea when i can actually play?



@Spoof05 Just came on nevermind literally as i posted.



So it worth getting?

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@scubydo I'm working on the review now, and I'd say yes and no. I can't speak to the length of it, but I've enjoyed the story and mechanics so far, though they definitely love to lean on tired JRPG tropes. So far, I think it's a great tribute to Chrono Trigger, even if it doesn't quite match that level off quality. All that aside, though, I think $50 is way too high for this.

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