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Hello there,

First post here...

I know there is a general suggestions post, but I started this one because I needed specific suggestions of games that are playable for someone who likes to play, but lacks talents and time to practice.

I'm searching for games with a little bit of action (I am not into the cooking genre games, or puzzles, or games like that), and I'm having a really hard time finding games with difficulty levels.

For example, I was looking at Wolfenstein II. But, reading comments about it, even experienced players had to go to easier levels, which does not bode well for me. I loved Syphon Filter of PS1 because the easiest level was perfect for me. Do such games exist for the Switch?

I am also searching, among other things, for a space shooter. My ultime game is X-Wing (dating myself here). That was easy and fun. I noticed Everspace, and Manticore Galaxy on Fire, but are they difficult? I had Starfox on my DS, and that was such a frustrating game!

I am also searching for games that doesn't require a whole lot of playtime before you can finish a level. I am searching for something either quick when I don't have much time, or games where I can easily save my progress. But reviews seldomly talk about that...

I'll probably get Skies of Fury, hoping not to make a mistake.

If you could suggest exciting games that are not frustrating for player that sucks, I would appreciate it greatly!

Excellent day!



Bleed 2 is a really fun 2D action platformer that's not so damanding of you unless you play on hard or v-hard. The game has Easy, normal, and the other aformentioned difficulties. The levels are not super long until you get to the last few stages. There isn't a lot of levels in general, so it is forgiveable.

As for space shooters, I have not tried it yet, but I have heard Starlink was pretty good. The physical is the toys-to-life version, but the digital comes with all the toys built-in with the game.

Good luck with whatever you pick!

Nice >:]

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Suggestions for an entry-level gamer?

Mario Odyssey would be my first suggestion. Mostly carefree platforming. Fairly low bar in regards to challenge. Environments that have some degree of exploration and surprises. The game is beautiful as well. Personally, Mario Odyssey was my pick for Game of the Year 2017, you can't go wrong.

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Thank you! Bleed 2 looks interesting indeed!

I have Mario Kart. I'm going to investigate the other titles! Thank you!

I'm going to check that out. Thanks!

There are so many games. Trying to find the ones suited for my skills are like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack!



@Beebo There is no shame in looking for easier games. Though I would disagree with @Anti-Matter , Arms is easy to pick up and play but demands some real practice to play with anyone else and stand a chance.

I'd encourage you to try the Steam World Dig. Unless you are looking to collect everything and unlock all the secrets, it is a pretty forgiving game with very straightforward and easy to understand mechanics.

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Kirby, definitely. I've had fun with Skies of Fury btw. If you're not good enough for a level you'll gain XP so you're stronger on your next try. It does get a bit repetitive though, but for the price I really liked it.



I'd noticed vaguely Steam World Dig existed. I'll go give it another look! Thank you for the recommendation!

I'll check Kirby out. And thanks for the comment about Skies of Fury!



@Beebo If you're looking for a space shooter, Starlink is a really good one and it does have adjustable difficulty levels, but I've found it manageable on the default difficulty - and I would say my shooter skills are average, I'm not some crazy hotshot. The digital version is pretty cheap now and you really don't have to buy expansion packs to get far in the game. I've bought one ship expansion and I'm nearly at the final battle now.

I bought Manticore GOF and didn't love its controls, only played a couple of hours of it. I might go back to it sometime, but I definitely didn't get into it like Starlink.

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No problem man. It's a fantastic game.

Nice >:]

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