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blaisedinsd wrote:

I had thought the parental controls app was the place to monitor playtime. Is this info hidden on the profile page? Wondering why I have not seen it.

on profile page there is a Play Activity Section

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For what it's worth, the Switch's play time is way off. It didn't seem correct to me, so I tested it by timing some of my sessions. The Switch time is regularly well below the actual time. Maybe it's designed that way to give the kids a break from overly restrictive parents!

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Does the switch track offlline games? it doesn't look like it does but I could be wrong.

Edit: Seems to be just one game...I'll have to poke around the settings.

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@Ryu_Niiyama no it does it tracked NBA Playgrounds before online was added via update

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I can't see how much time I spent playing games, just when I played it first.. it says for Splatoon - first played 9 days ago. So for every other game.
What am I missing? Does it need some time like 2 weeks for calculations or what?

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@CroRock Yeah it takes a while to switch to the play time display. I wanna say it's ten days but I'm not entirely sure. Shouldn't be more than a couple weeks, anyway.

Just another thing that's oddly clunky about it.

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Yea, thats really odd.. I thought I'm looking at wrong place but can't find other.
Thanks for clearing this up

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They really should bring back the Wii U's app to track time. I looked at that every day! My most played Switch game is Splatoon 2, it will probably reach 100 hours soon.



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