Topic: Left Joystick Switch Pro Controller gets stuck / jammed un up-right position

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Hello! I have a kind of annoying problem.

My Switch Pro Controller works fine, calibration-wise its perfect. The thing is in the mechanical aspect. The left Joystick gets physically stuck when I move it to the uprigh or upleft position.

I live in Ecuador so there is no official Nintendo Repair shop here so I opened it myself (have done this with other consoles and controllers) to see if there was some dust inside or any material preventing it to return and there was nothing. I came to realise that is was a problem with the stick itself connected to the controller motherboard... aparently it gets jammed, maybe some of the moving plastic are making too much friction with each other.

The question is. Is there anything I can do? because the part is sodered to the mainboard so there's no way I'm equipped to take it out, nor would I want to do that. Maybe there is a way to make the plastic get unstuck. When I pressure the stick down, but not down enough to trigger the joystick button press it moves quite fine.

Any help or comment would be apreciated!


Hi I'm new and lazy


Not sure what you can do but I'm commenting so your question gets bumped back to the top before it disappears from the 1st page. Good luck!

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Thanks, dude!

At the very least it doesn't create a huge bother... just an ocational inconvinience when playing.

As a new piece of info, I opened it again and heard a clicking sound when i push the stick. Seems to be a very tight fit between the plastics. The right joystick doesn't do that sound.

I am going to try using a blower at some point to see if there is something stuck in there.

Hi I'm new and lazy


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