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I understand that uprising(3ds) was made 25 years after the first game and the next on should be made in another 25 years, however, can there not be an edition to be compatible for the switch? A friend and I loved Uprising and its great storyline and variety and itd be awesome to see it on switch with somewhat better graphics and perhaps slightly different controls.



I'd love to have a Switch edition of this game, I really liked it. However, the controls are terrible and it was really one of the most uncomfortable games I've ever played, so to have it with more traditional controls would be fantastic.

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I really need to get back to this game. I'm actually almost done with it, as last I completed chapter 23. That one gives a totally new meaning to going into the bowels of hell I agree though, that despite it being a fun game, the control system is the worst. My left hand typically ends up with a cramp, unless I rest my arm and the 3ds on a surface.

If they bring it to the Switch, they should consider an optional control scheme where you can play with the joy-cons detached, the left one used for moving, and the right one for aiming using motion controls. Of course, I'd also suggest right right joy-con's control stick be used for aiming for those who do not like motion controls, and then it would be able to support the pro controller.

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That is something that I'm suprised Nintendo hasn't considered. I'm sure there are more than a few 3DS games that could transition well enough to the single screen of the Switch.
I really couldn't get on with the controls of Uprising, so I sold it shortly after buying it, which is a shame as it looks like it could be great game wth normal controls.

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I have quite different feelings to the majority and would actually miss the 3ds controls in a Switch release. I feel that dual analogue won't be able to match the precision of aiming on the touch screen. I'll also kinda miss the 3D (I think Uprising was the number 1 game to sell to on 3D) but I guess that will be compensated with higher resolution.

I'd definitely double dip on an Uprising Remastered, but ideally I'd like to see a sequel made for the Switch from the ground up. In fact, to me this feels like one of the most exciting things Nintendo could announce in the coming years.

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I'd double dip for sure. I didn't mind the controls at all, considering by like the 3rd level, I was already used to it. In addition to dual analog, hopefully they would have motion controls as an option.

But yeah, I'd love an HD remaster and a new Kid Icarus game.

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