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Please note, heavy spoilers! Okay so I just beat breath of the wild and man was it great. But I'm here to talk about the dark part of the game, the ending. I thought the way to ganon was was pritty cool. But once I got there.. The spidery version of him was unique but it was really weird to see ganon like that... It was decently hard though. Then was his final stage. It was pritty good, I personally chose not to ride the horse which made it a little harder? It was good but not great. It had a lot of potential though. It was great to hear the main theme in a boss fight! What are your thoughts? I think we should have been able to do one of the main things we do in the game... Climb.

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@Sharks Yeah I agree, the Dark Beast Ganon fight was good but definitely didn't reach its full potential. Personally I would have preferred it if the final battle played out something like this: during the final phase, you have to ride around the field to avoid Ganon's beams while Guardians appear and shoot lasers at you. Of course, you can kill the Guardians in one shot with the Bow of Light, so that it makes it more difficult while not being impossible. While you're dealing with that, each Divine Beast blasts Ganon, causing him to fall to the ground and also nullifying the power of his malice momentarily. During this time, you can climb to the top of Ganon and attack his giant eye up there. Repeat this a few times with each round making Ganon more active/aggressive and the Champions and Zelda encouraging you throughout. Eventually you break Ganon open and release Zelda, and together you finally destroy him. I think that makes for a pretty epic boss fight.
Additionally, I thought his spider form was cool as well, but I have some other ideas for it too. First, what if his spider form was only the final boss if you didn't complete all four Divine Beasts before fighting him? You rushed to Ganon early, and you fight him before he's finished reincarnating so that he's half-monster and half-man.
Then if you fight him after you finish the Divine Beasts, he has fully reincarnated into his human form (or at least something similar, like his Calamity form minus the spider legs). I think that having a sword fight with a more human Ganon would be pretty amazing.

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